I found this interview through the DA fandom on tumblr, but it comes from Thedas UK, which is apparently an unofficial Dragon Age con in the UK. They interviewed Gaider and posted this transcript.

They had this to say about the interview: "A LOT of interesting and surprising info came up in the session, revelations about the Calling, about Templars and the history of their order, mages, discussion about Anders, Nathaniel Howe, Cullen, and Sandal (among others), so much stuff. I hope you're as thrilled to read it all as we were to do the interview!"

Here it is!

Note: It isn't perfectly transcribed and it took me almost an hour personally to read and understand what Gaider was trying to say. I would say definitely not to take this information out of context and try to look at it from different interpretations. Because it was transcribed some of the commas and whatnot seem like they are in the wrong places and it is hard to tell at times what he was trying to say.

I intend to update the wiki with some of our newfound facts, but feel free to help as well.

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