NOTE: You can only ask him questions about the new DA comic books.

From the article: "We've put together a little round table with the man who knows a great deal about Dragon Age comics. Join us for a Live Twitter Conversation with Dragon Age: The Silent Grove comic writer David Gaider.

Not only will David Gaider be taking a little time out of his busy schedule, but we're giving away 5 Digital copies of Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1 randomly to anyone who participates by using the Chat hashtag as seen below. (Must have a Dark Horse Digital Webstore account).

Simply use the Hashtag #DragonAgeComics to join the conversation and ask questions. Example: @davidgaider How sharp is Isabela's Blade? #DragonAgeComics

Note that any questions regarding the Video Games in any way are inappropriate for this conversation. This is a Chat about the new Dragon Age comic books from Dark Horse Comics as a digital exclusive.

Be There! Join the Conversation. Feb. 28th at 4pm Pacific Time on Twitter."

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