Project Aeducan

Greetings everyone, this is the formal announcement of the upcoming Community Project.

As you probably already know, Dragon Age III: Inquisition is being currently developed by Bioware. The upcoming game will likely be released around Fall 2013 according to official sources. However, the wiki still has a lot of pages that require attention. After two main games and one expansion, there are several pages which require a clean up, extra information, pictures or confirmation of some claims.

With the Project Aeducan -- a community project which will last during the Christmas holidays, we aim in fixing the most important issues and be ready for the upcoming Dragon Age III.

Everyone who is interested in participating in this project, please reply here and let us know. There are absolutely no requirements, so even if you can spend one hour during the holidays for working with us in the project, feel free to sign up.

Furthermore, there are several positions within the Project, so even if you are not interested in a certain task, you may easily pick up another one that you enjoy doing.

The available positions within the Project Aeducan are:

  • Article Writer (mostly work in stub pages)
  • Picture Capturer (taking in-game screenshots of an item, quest, etc)
  • Article Copy Editor (cleans up articles or fixes typo mistakes, etc. Should be very familiar with English)
  • Verifier (verifies a particular claim in an article. We need at least one Verifier from PS3 and Xbox 360)


IRC: #dawiki @
(Join us here)

The Project has officially started! Please see this Forum thread for more information. Those that missed to sign up and still want to help, feel free to join us whenever you want!

Happy holidays everyone!
Viktoria Landers

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