Given last year's complaints about Dragon Age II about not being able to make NPCs do whatever you want, I have a feeling that some people playing these games are confusing RPGs for godsims, the type of game where you're literally in control of every single person in the gaming world and can direct them wherever you want them to do as your personal slaves. That's what makes RPGs different from godsims, that you're not in control of every single person in the gaming world, that you have to interact with them the same way as you would in the normal world to whatever degree the game allows you to. Even with being the master of coercion, RPG NPCs are still under the mercy of the people who created the characters and will behave only as they are scripted to behave, barring having any AI capabilities. I think some of the people just don't get this and think that they're the RPG equivalent of Jesus or something like that, or that they want to be like that. Nevertheless, we still have to be careful to recognize that RPGs and godsims are two totally different types of games.

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