BioWare will team with publisher Dark Horse to release "a series of six biweekly twelve-page issues available through Dark Horse's iOS app and online for $.99 each."

The series will be written by David Gaider, scripted by Alexander Freed, and art will be by Chad Hardin. It will star Alistair, Isabela and Varric as they journey to Antiva.

Gaider states that,

The three of them have traveled to Antiva, an exotic land of assassins, to chase a secret from Alistair's past that will draw all three of them into danger -- and also reveal a surprising truth about the nature of dragons in Thedas.
It follows a few things that fans of 'Dragon Age' have probably been wondering about for some time, and a few plot threads that we haven't been able to pick up elsewhere... I'm writing it, and as the Lead Writer on both of the 'Dragon Age' games I can say pretty confidently that it fits seamlessly into the overall narrative. These are characters the fans love, and there's some lore here that they won't find anywhere else. It should be a treat.

Source Comic Book Resources

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