Masters of the Coterie,

I write you with a light heart and a smile upon my lips. Upon arriving in Orlais and viewing our target I made a startling and joyous discovery, the green eyes, the black hair, even the height, he could virtually be my twin. It has taken me longer to arrange my position here than I’d have liked, due to a most interesting bard our target kept in his court, but I am now well settled into my new life as a noble of Orlais and look forward to the possibilities afforded to me by my recently gained position. I would tell you that you must come and visit me here in my manor, sample the foods and sights of the city and learn the many talents of my new bard... but alas you will not have the time. You see I have taken the liberty of reporting to each of you individually and directly and each missive has been coated with a slow acting contact poison. I believe you are most likely just starting to feel the effects now. Do not worry about rendering payment, Assassin X is “dead” and you may consider this my resignation.

Formerly yours, X