Senior Producer Fernando Melo and Chris Priestly held a Q&A panel at Gamescom where they talked about the future of the series. They admitted they made a lot of mistakes with Dragon Age II, which they are working on fixing in future DLC and instalments.

Alongside the admission came the news that the next story-driven DLC would be announced at PAX. Furthermore, they "accidentally" showed a picture of Hawke on the back of a dragon, possibly indicating the introduction of mounts in future DLC.

Other interesting titbits include:

  • It is "absolutely possible" that we will see both Hawke and The Warden again.
  • We will see Sister Nightingale again, "sooner than we think".
  • Morrigan is an absolutely critical character, and it is "very likely" that we will hear of or encounter both her and the Warden once again.
  • Future time spent in Kirkwall will be short-lived, as the devs don't want to spend too much time in an area which has been thoroughly explored.
  • We will see other cities in the Free Marches such as Starkhaven.
  • Sandal is a "pretty special" character, and fans will "have to see" what happens in relation to his prophecy
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