The live preview of the new DLC for Dragon Age II at the EA Summer Showcase provided some new details:

  • Hawke will travel to an ancient prison constructed by the Grey Wardens
  • They will face a millennia-old monster so powerful that the Wardens kept it sealed away in secrecy.
  • Genlock alphas make their DAII debut in the DLC, along with their more common relatives. The alphas seem to have grown in size considerably since Dragon Age: Origins.
  • Hawke will gain a class-specific weapon which doubles up as a key. This weapon will be available for use after completion of Legacy.
  • The DLC will delve deeper into the history of the Hawke family, focusing particularly on the late Malcolm Hawke, father to the Champion of Kirkwall and the Hawke twins themselves.

Visit the official Dragon Age II Legacy website for more information.

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