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Following the live chat with Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw, this is is a roundup of the information that was revealed:

  • Mark of the Assassin fits in with the main game and can be started at any time in Kirkwall. Progress in the game will be reflected in the DLC
  • Mark of the Assassin is slightly longer than Legacy as there are lots of side quests and fiendish puzzles
  • Tallis will be a companion only for the duration of Mark of the Assassin. This is for "a number of reasons."
  • There's some "extra stuff" for certain characters, particularly those who have any connections with Orlais (such as Aveline). The DLC will also explore the inner workings of the Qunari. Laidlaw tells fans to "expect revelations" and there will be moments at the end which will make players surprised.

At this point, a clip was shown of Tallis speaking to Hawke. Hawke chose to flirt with her, after which she introduced herself and revealed that she was searching for Hawke, as they had an invitation to Château Haine (note that Hawke was Champion in the clip). Tallis told Hawke that she needed to relieve the Château's owner of something he "had no right to possess." For this, she needed Hawke's aid. A cut-scene plays, before Hawke's party arrives at the Château. The Orlesian Duke introduces Hawke as an "honoured guest." The clip then ended.

  • Tallis uses daggers but her fighting style will switch between ranged and melee (she will throw the daggers and is not an archer). She has her own tree and her abilities are useful against mages.
  • Mike admitted that in DAII, there was too much focus on fighting, and in the future (including DLC) the team wanted to ensure that there were more ways to resolve combat situations than going in all guns spells blazing. Stealthy rogue gameplay will be useful in Mark of the Assassin.
  • Tallis will not have friendship or rivalry points, but there will be different approaches to take when dealing with her. These approaches will affect the gameplay and some key choices.
  • The duke who is seen in the trailer lives in an area of the Free Marches which is infested with wyverns. These wyverns are new enemies.
  • Mike named his favourite character as Leliana as an all time favourite, but loves Aveline and Isabela due to their relationship. He loves female rogues.
  • There will be lots of character interactions and banter besides combat.
  • Siblings can return for the DLC.
  • While the DLC does not add a huge amount to the overall flow of the DAII storyline, there are titbits along the way.
  • Some areas encountered are "quite big", similar to the Korcari Wilds from Dragon Age: Origins.
  • Characters who have history with Orlais or the Qunari will have "extra goodies".
  • Feedback from Legacy factored into the DLC, as did general DAII feedback. For example, there was positive reaction to optional puzzles, so they were brought back.
  • Revelations in the DLC will "plant some seeds."
  • There will be more Cassandra. She features in the DLC and has some great lines.
  • Hawke will not get to dance at the party at the Château Haine, though there will be chances to interact with Orlesian culture. Mike then said he would be lying if there were not "the most exotic of hams."
  • Combat and sneaking sync well together.
  • Companions will flirt with Tallis, and Carver has not lost his "thing for elves."
  • In the long term, there are ambitions for a hybrid between archery and dual-wielding.
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