At the recent Edmonton Expo, BioWare revealed some information about the upcoming Dragon Age III: Inquisition. More hints and minor reveals were unveiled via developer tweets:

  • The protagonist will be human
  • Players will be able to choose origins, though these will not be playable
  • The chosen origin will have a significant impact on the story
  • It was hinted that The Warden and Hawke may appear as NPCs.
  • Flemeth will return
  • We will learn a lot more about the Qunari in the next game
  • While Dragon Age is not intended as a trilogy, certain narrative threads will be brought to a close
  • BioWare is looking into ways to include previous choices without save imports
  • "One level in Dragon Age III is as big as all the levels in Dragon Age II."
  • Customization will be bigger than in Dragon Age: Origins and companion customization is confirmed
  • It was hinted that players may be able to take control of a castle
  • Players may see what became of some Dragon Age II companions
  • It was said that a long-term aim beyond DA III was to move to "all four races as playable", though increased customization would be the focus in the meantime

Some concept art was unveiled shortly after the expo:

Moving dalish elf clan.jpg
DAIII concept 2.jpg
DAIII concept 3.jpg
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