Kelcat Kelcat 10 July 2015

New "Flags" feature for the wiki! (Please read if you edit articles!)

Hey, guys! As you may have seen in a recent forum topic, the Dragon Age wiki is helping wikia test out a new "flags" system. Read here for the official info.

What this basically is is a replacement for the current templates we use on articles such as , etc. Instead of manually going into an article to add one of these tags, you can just click on the edit dropdown box and select "flags" this will bring up a box with all of the current flags that can be used. Just check the box next to the one(s) you want to add, fill in the fields (like what info is missing, or the name of the article to "see also", and voila! They're added to the article. You can also hover over an existing flag on an article to edit it.

This looks to be a great new addition…

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Kelcat Kelcat 14 February 2015

BioWare Beta Testing Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Patch With Party Storage

From GameInformer "BioWare has announced a closed beta program for Dragon Age: Inquisition's Patch 5 for the PC version of the game. The patch includes customization features, a new shop called the Black Emporium, and the much-needed party storage feature.

"The Black Emporium contains epic weapons, artifacts, new crafting schematics, and the Mirror of Transformation. This lets you change your voice and facial appearance, and other customization options are available via an item tinter that lets you change the color of your armor with crafting materials. The patch also contains accesability improvements such as additional mouse button bindings.

"The party storage feature will be in the Undercroft.

"The developer says that sign-up for the close…

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Kelcat Kelcat 26 April 2014

Cameron Lee speaks with GameInformer about most recent trailer

Gameinformer got a chance to interview Cameron Lee about the most recently released trailer. Some interesting stuff in here.

Breaking Down the Latest Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer.

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Kelcat Kelcat 24 February 2014

Heroes of Dragon Age Dailies

So what do you guys think about these new daily challenges in HoDA? I'm having fun with them so far. The game was really getting stale what with me not being able to advance through the maps so this is actually making it interesting again. The only thing I don't like is the matchmaking system. Or rather, the lack of a system. It's frustrating to keep hitting "next" over and over again in order to find a battle where the team isn't 20 or 30 levels above you.

I do hope that they'll keep this going, though. I love getting incentives for accomplishing things and it's fun to see how far up the ladder I can climb. I think I wound up getting about halfway, which helped me upgrade Branka to tier 4. I really wish I'd been able to get Sigrun, though. …

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