If you had been following news about Dragon Age, maybe you have found out some fans criticized BioWare for Dragon Age II. According to the fans, DA2 was made too hastily and it was of many important elements. The same locations were used many times, enemies were cloned etc. In an interview published in the newest issue of GameInformer, Aaryn Flynn stated clearly that the team will not make the same mistakes again.

What do you think that DA3 needs to do differently?

DAIII concept 2

Well, we definitely take the criticisms of Dragon Age 2 very seriously and into great consideration. We spent weeks and weeks poring over it and figuring out not only the mistakes we made but also what we had to do to really show fans that we'd heard it and were going to do better with DA3.

Moving dalish elf clan

The philosophy we're going into DA3 is more like Origins than it is like Dragon Age 2. In DA2, we tried to stell a very intimate story. We did some good things but made some mistakies as well. With three, we're going back to a very grand and world-beating kind of story that has braod scope and epic things in it. Philosophically, once you do that, it helps define and dictate the decisions you make after that

Source - Game Informer January 2013

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