Pre-order for Dragon Age artbook has started on This gave us some new information about the upcoming "The World of Thedas" book. The publisher revealed the price, number of pages and other details. If you are looking for all the gadgets connected to the game you can find more information in the extension.

"Invitingly designed, illustrated with hundreds of pieces of lush art from the creators of the games, this is the definitive guide to BioWare's dark fantasy masterpiece! For Dragon Age newcomers, this comprehensive volume brings you up to speed on everything you need to know about the regions, religions, monsters, magic, and more! For dedicated fans, never before have the secrets of BioWare's epic fantasy been revealed so completely and so compellingly! This dramatic, accessible, beautiful tome illuminates the darkest corners of the Deep Roads to the most illusory reaches of the Fade, taking readers on a journey through one of the most fully realized fantasy universes of our time!"

Authors and contributors:

By (author) Various, By (author) David Gaider, By (author) Ben Gelinas, By (author) Mike Laidlaw, Edited by Dave Marshall, Illustrated by Various Artists

Hardcover: 184 pages Width: 229 mm Height: 305 mm Publisher: Dark Horse (April 30, 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 1616551151 ISBN-13: 978-1616551155

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