As the new the Dragon Age Legends instalator has been updated, some issues with the game has been noticed. To remedy this situation BioWare prepared a new patch that fixes problems with the Throne Room and loot drops. The developers promised that they will continuously work on the issues reported by the fans. More information on the update in the extension:

As you could notice yesterday, there has been some new bugs after the import of your character.

When you wanted to update your Throne Room, two rooms were automatically block as there were two rooms: Great Hall and Treasury that were not included on the downloadable version of the game. But these were not the only surprises that we could encounter. Many fans have complained on the issues with the character imports, where Smoke, a 9 level warrior, has been imported instead of their characters.

What is fixed in the v1.12 patch?

  • Loot drops have been updated for high level characters.
  • Throne room unlock issues are fixed

And this is what the developers said:

"We updated it earlier today to make it so the few people who couldn't see the download button would have access to it... but.. we introduced the Smoke issue."

New update

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