David Gaider

Many of you wonder, whether the novels and comic books influence the game. Fans do not know anymore what is canonical and what is not. David Gaider decided to explain how it really looks like and whether the events from other media will appear in the new game. Are you interested? Read further.

As long as you're here... is there any way I can get you to comment on the canonicity of the prequel novels? It doesn't seem as if players mention this very often, being more concerned with conflicts with their own games, which as you've explained, isn't an issue.

"The two prequel novels are canon-- there is nothing for them to conflict with.

And it is fine to assume that, if your particularly playthrough matches up with the events depicted in Asunder or the comics, those events occurred in the way they're portrayed and will be treated as such in future games. If your particular playthrough does not, then those events either happened differently or not at all. In a game we have the luxury of that kind of variability. In either case, you'll only see how it works once DA3 comes out".

David Gaider

Source: BioWare Social Network

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