I have good news for those of you who like DLCs. BioWare gave us a word that they have released for free all promotional items for Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. If this was interesting for you, the following part should be even more interesting. The Christmas DLC gift includes the so called "Fan Reward Pack" previously given only to those who were at San Diego Comic Con 2011! This pack includes: Arlathan Focusing Crystal, Band of Stolen Shadows, and Hawke Family Crest. If you want to get your package please follow the link (just choose your platform).

For DAO, this includes:

Memory Band, Feral Wolf Charm, Guildmaster's Belt, Band of Fire, Dalish Promise Ring, Bulwark of the True King, The Edge, Embri's Many Pockets, Bregan's Bow, Helm of the Deep, The Lucky Stone, The Lion's Paw, Pearl of the Annointed, Mark of Vigilance, Amulet of the War Mage and The Wicked Oath.

For DA2, this includes:

Staff of Parthalan, Pendant of the Morning Frost, Arlathan Focusing Crystal, The High Lords Belt, The Antivan Garrote, Band of Stolen Shadows, The Deep Green, Hawke Family Crest, Ring of Whispers, Air of Confidence, Amulet of Ashes, Boots of the Frozen Wastes, Fadeshear, Lion of Orlais, Dura's Blue Flame, Evra's Might, Evra's Trophy Belt, The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall, Hindsight, Hayder's Razor, Ivo Family Crest, Lothering's Lament, The Irons, and Of Things Not Lost

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