In an ocean of silence surrounding the production of the next Dragon Age, a droplet of news will seem like spotting a glimpse of land over the horizon.

During their annual EA Play, in the segment about the "future of gaming", i.e. the next-gen consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X, EA's Chief Studios Officer by the name of Laura Miele talks about using technology in EA's future games. She mentions BioWare, as images of what appears to be the next Dragon Age installment show on screen, and she says "BioWare imagines and creates worlds where you become the hero of your own story, and we're using this next generation of technology to make these fantasy worlds your reality".

The full 50 minutes video can be watched here and the segment in question starts at 44:10

Here are the screenshots of images shown in the presentation. Potential spoilers for Dragon Age 4 to follow, so be warned. 

EA play 2020 3 EA play 2020 2 EA play 2020 1 

The first image appears to show some kind of a large tree, possibly in a graveyard, as there are urns and containers with skulls placed in front. There are red nodes on the tree, but it's unclear if it's red lyrium, or perhaps the tree is on fire. 

The second image depicts ruins of a castle surrounded by what looks like red lyrium.

The last image shows a pulsating mass, covered and surrounded by red lyrium. 

In summary, we can deduce several things from this very brief mention of Dragon Age:

- It is unlikely for Dragon Age 4 to be released on PS4 and Xbox One, and instead it'll be next-gen only. 

- Red lyrium will once again play a part in the story 

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