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Henio0 Henio0 27 August 2020

First look at Dragon Age 4

There it is, fellow Thedosians. Out of the blue, BioWare have released a sneak preview of the the next installment of the Dragon Age series, for IGN's gamescom 2020. Unlike the previous video, this one is entirely devoted to the next Dragon Age, and it is chock full of concrete information, ranging from character names, voice actors, to concept art and behind the scenes of animation production.

In addition, the official website of https://www.dragonage.com has been updated, and a tag line was added, that reads "The world needs a new hero. Will you answer the call?". However, the website is not yet fully functional, and the link to "more updates" is currently broken.

You can watch the video here.

The video starts with Casey Hudson, the current…

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Henio0 Henio0 22 June 2020

Dragon Age 4 presented during EA Play Live June 2020

In an ocean of silence surrounding the production of the next Dragon Age, a droplet of news will seem like spotting a glimpse of land over the horizon.

During their annual EA Play, in the segment about the "future of gaming", i.e. the next-gen consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X, EA's Chief Studios Officer by the name of Laura Miele talks about using technology in EA's future games. She mentions BioWare, as images of what appears to be the next Dragon Age installment show on screen, and she says "BioWare imagines and creates worlds where you become the hero of your own story, and we're using this next generation of technology to make these fantasy worlds your reality".

The full 50 minutes video can be watched here and the segment in question s…

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Henio0 Henio0 25 January 2018

The next Dragon Age not out until at least 2019

Firstly, here is some recent BioWare news you may or may not be familiar with.

Following an unsuccessful launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the BioWare studio responsible for the series, BioWare Montreal, was shut down and absorbed by EA Motive. The future of Mass Effect is not clear.

Casey Hudson, the project director for Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3, has left BioWare in 2014, but returned to BioWare some six months ago to replace Aaryn Flynn as the general manager. Recently he has stated that the the production on the next Dragon Age game was completely rebooted to "add more live elements". Naturally, with it being EA, the fans assumed it means EA are adding lootboxes a'la Star Wars: Battlefront II fiasco. But, Hudson was quick to clarify (or at lea…

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Henio0 Henio0 13 January 2017

A few thoughts about Inquisition DLC

I have played through the Jaws of Hakkon when it was first released, and I thought it was okay. But I have finished playing The Descent for the first time just recently and I'm sure everyone else was just as amazed when they've beaten it as I was.

Whilst the Descent was a lot more lore-packed, the Jaws of Hakkon also had some interesting things in it.

I decided to write down my thoughts about implications of some of the events that took place in those DLCs. Obviously, there are spoilers for these two DLCs below. I have yet to play Tresspasser, so I would ask that if anyone comments spoilers for it, that you give a warning.

  • 1 Spirits
  • 2 Revenant
  • 3 Magic in the Stone
    • 3.1 Gangue
  • 4 Titans
    • 4.1 Rock wraiths
    • 4.2 Red Lyrium
    • 4.3 Foreshadowing
    • 4.4 Kal-Sharok
    • 4.5 Caridin
    • 4.…

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Henio0 Henio0 14 July 2015

Inquisition Multiplayer now free on PC

If you are still one of those who did not acquire Dragon Age: Inquisition, or if you own the console version of it and want to give it a go on the PC, BioWare has news for you.

"Dragon Age: Inquisiton Trial" was just made available through Origin for free. The Trial version will let players enjoy six hours of the single player campaign of the game, and unlimited multiplayer, essentially making Inquisition's multiplayer a Free to Play. No news about such development for consoles.

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