• HELO

    Fifty Shades of Hawke

    December 3, 2012 by HELO

    WARNING: This is NOT a fanfic rendition of this past summer’s insanely popular erotic novel trilogy recast with Merrill and a hermaphroditic Lady Hawke. (Sorry. But I already did “Story of O(rsino),” and I don’t want to pigeonhole myself.)

    Now, before you let that stinging disappointment drive you away, please know that my choice of title isn’t just some cheap gimmick to catch your attention. Primarily a gimmick, yes, but not solely a gimmick, I promise. Because, silly as it sounds, it actually frames what I hope to discuss--starting with the acknowledgment of this hard truth:

    Hawke is the most important figure in the DA universe.

    Wait--don’t warm up the vats of tar just yet: I said “DA universe,” not “Thedas.” Because, while we can debate t…

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