• 2/04/15

Good News Everyone!

Bioware have announced a new DLC character for Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer! They also gave some rather obvious hints as to further mutliplayer characters they're looking to add.

ZITHER!, the Virtuoso, revealed for Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer!

Zither Promotional Image


ZITHER! was once a household name in Orlais, playing for packed auditoriums of nobility and commoners alike. But then the Circles rebelled, his templar manager tried to kill him, and he’s frittered away all his gold drinking in a riverside tavern in Cumberland for the past two years, unable to get a gig. The Inquisition is his one chance at a comeback tour, and he's going to grab it with both bejeweled hands.


Mark of the Riff Icon
Mark of the Riff

Your magical song conjures elemental energy around your allies' weapons, adding bonus damage to their attacks.

Can't Stop the Music Icon
Can't Stop the Music Icon

Your amazing performing skills occasionally cause enemy attacks to miss you completely.

A Little Knight Music icon
A Little Knight Music

Your magical song bolsters the fortitude of your allies, increasing their armor.

Encore Icon

Whenever you kill an enemy with a song, the next song you play is free.


ZITHER!, the Virtuoso, is the Inquisition’s first musically inspired multiplayer agent. Although a mage by birth, his true strength—like his heart—lies in his music. When he plays, ZITHER! infuses his lute with the elemental powers of rock and roll. These elements provide a cacophony of different effects, either aiding the party with Crowd-Pleasers or wreaking aural havoc on his enemies with Battle Hymns.

The Virtuoso’s gameplay is very different from existing Inquisition classes. ZITHER! always has 4 abilities mapped, 3 “Notes” and 1 “Song”: the notes are Fire, Ice, Lightning, and players unlock Songs in the ability menu. For example, “Can’t Stop the Music” requires Fire, Fire, Ice, while Encore! calls for Fire, Ice, Lightning! The Virtuoso typically plays a strong support role for your party, but he can easily focus entirely on offense or become a hybrid of both styles—just don’t get stage fright and forget how to play your Songs!”

ZITHER! has left the building!

There were also some other screenshots which were datamined out of the multiplayer patch for Zither which revealed some interesting new developments.



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