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Hello All,

I was lucky enough to attend the Bioware Panel at PAXAUS with Cameron Lee (Producer), Patrick Weekes (Senior Writer), Karin Weekes (Lead Editor) and “Evil” Chris Priestly (Community Team). Mostly the panel was just about narrative design for games in general but we did get a few interesting tidbits about Dragon Age:Inquisition. Mostly these relate to the trailer as that seems to be about all they're allowed to discuss at the moment, so i have included the relevant screenshots to be discussed here.

Promotional demon DAI.jpg

  • This creature was explicitly identified as a Demon.

I know a while back on the BSN, "Despair Demon" was mentioned as one of the ideas being considered for new varieties of demons. Possibly this is it.

Club Beast.png

  • You can't see it in the trailer but this creature wields a big club in the hand which is obscured in this shot.

Nightmare DAI.png

  • This creature is apparently called a "Nightmare" and is a "nightmare" to fight.(Direct Quote) It can suddenly appear behind you during combat.


  • It seems the field of corpses Varric was standing among is actually the result of a player decision from during the game. Depending on player choices, a village may or may not get wiped out and this is a potential result of that.

Gray wardens.jpg

  • Regarding the fortress which we see getting attacked. If you look carefully you'll notice plenty of the Griffon statues and similar heraldry decorating the place. I asked Cameron Lee point blank if it was the Grey Wardens being attacked here. His exact reply was "I can confirm those are people in Grey Warden Armor".

DAI Trailer screenshot.png

  • This "normal looking" area apparently has a lot of weird stuff happen in it.


  • New Concept Art:

Some snazzy new concept art was shown as well, including a swampy overgrown ruin with a door with the Seekers of Truth logo on it. This image was the only photo i got sadly as my phone died. Sorry for the poor quality.

  • I am fairly sure they were joking about this. But since Cassandra can be seen with a copy of Varric's "Hard in Hightown" on her desk, she is now officially considered to be a fan of his work. I should also mention that on twitter, Bioware writer Mary Kriby identified this as "Hard in Hightown II" which is an unlicensed sequel to Varric's work which appears in the Mark of the Assassin DLC quest, Literary Theft.

Sorry that's all we have for you. They're being exceptionally tight lipped with information at the moment. -HD3