Good News Everyone!

Following the release of issue #1 in December, issue #2 hit the shelves today.

MageKiller Cover 2

Dragon Age: Magekiller #2

For the first time in any Dragon Age game, book, etc., we are getting our first look at the Tevinter Imperium. That alone is enough to excite hardcore fans.

Set in the capitol city of Minrathous, the Magekiller series follows Marius and Tessa - a former slave and a Navarran elite, respectively - as they found a mercenary group that specializes in hunting down and killing mages. As some may know, the Tevinter Imperium is run by a mage-controlled government, so things will probably get dicey for the protagonists before series ends.

As far as where the series fits in the overall timeline, Magekiller picks up just before the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition and issue #2 (the current one) will end with the destruction of the Conclave, the event that sets the stage for Inquisition's main arc.

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