GabrielleduVent GabrielleduVent 4 March 2013

Killing Elephants - Chapter II

Killing Elephants: Chapter II

By: GabrielleduVent and Isolationistmagi

Amarina looked desperate. Her eyes were sunken and red with dark circles around them, and her cheeks were sunken and hollow, and it was clear that she had eaten very little recently. Most of this was relatively unnotable, as Sol’s attention was drawn to another part of her visage- there was a maniacal gleam in her eyes that turned her dove grey into the colour of steel. She hadn’t noticed that when Amarina had first burst in, but it had become pretty evident in the few moments since Amarina had entered the room. Had Amarina looked this crazy before? Sol gave the question a brief moment of thought then decided that no, this had been a recent change. That raised a lot of qu…

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GabrielleduVent GabrielleduVent 4 March 2013

Killing Elephants - Chapter I

Killing Elephants: Chapter I

By: IsolationistMagi

If nine years of being Warden Commander had taught Solaryn Mahariel anything, it was that she was in no uncertain terms unfit to be a Warden Commander. Yes, she could do the job, yes she was good at it, but what did that matter? The emotional strain, the toll it was taking on her mental well being, was simply not worth whatever good she could convince herself that she had actually done.

Others admired her for her deeds. She was famous for her efforts alongside Alistair and Amarina in defeating the Archdemon, well respected for being an even handed Arlessa in addition to Commander, and well loved for dispelling the thaw in the aftermath of the blight. But these were not the things she remembere…

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GabrielleduVent GabrielleduVent 4 March 2013

Killing Elephants - Prologue

Authors' Note:

This is a collaborative work by User:Isolationistmagi and User:GabrielleduVent. Original characters are owned by the respective owners. The story picks up immediately after Alistair Theirin leaves with Isabela and Varric on his quest depicted in The Silent Grove.

We do not endorse murder of elephants in any way, shape, or form.

Killing Elephants: Prologue

By: GabrielleduVent

It is a very rare occurrence for anyone to hear the elven mage to swear. Generally, Amarina Surana was a quiet woman. She did not speak very often, and when she did, her words were precise and well-chosen. There was sweetness to her words that just did not go well with swearing. Swearing was ugly, crass and cacophonic, and her voice just did not do well with…

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GabrielleduVent GabrielleduVent 2 August 2012

Mage-Templar War Rant! Marcus Brigstocke Style!

For the original rant on religion, visit here.

There was a crowd gathering in the Denerim Market Square. Someone had set up a stage made of wooden boxes, and a man dressed comically in a harlequin get-up was on it, delivering an address. The throng just kept growing and growing.

The Warden stopped. The recent conflict between the mages and the templars had seriously worn out some nerves, and avoiding involvement had been the chief objective these days. Pulling up the cowl, the Warden joined the throng, listening to the comical oratory.

"I'd like to start this week with a request," said the man, "and this one goes out to the participants of the recent conflict: the templars and the mages. It's just a little thing, really, but do you think that…

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GabrielleduVent GabrielleduVent 19 July 2012

Bioware thinks we're idiots, more Mass Effect DLC, and Bioware fires more people.

That's the only explanation I can come up with.

Generally, as a producer of any product - whether it be music, or food, book, or a game - you tend to scope out your targeted audience. You won't use words like existentialism in a book written for a four year old. Similarly, you definitely won't microwave pizza for a connoisseur.

What Bioware seems to be targeting recently as the audience seems to be idiots. It seems that they think we'll eat up any piece of crap they release/feed to us consumers. I can just see them in the conference room:

"We really need something to keep a hold on their shorter-than-a-fly attention span. Come on, folks!"

"How about a statue made of plastic? Costs less than twenty cents to make. I'm sure they'll love it."

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