The pre-Trespasser patch is now live across the Xbox, Playstation and PC networks. Bioware has fixed some issues, changed some abilities and added some new features. For the offical patch list, view it here

With the patch also the trophies/achievements regarding Trespasser became available, although it (barely) gives away clues regarding the story of the DLC this time (although it seems likely it includes new game-options, akin to trials).

Below a list of the fixes/changes (fixes are official as well as the added new features, changes to abilities are as observed by RShepard227)

Warning: The patch might turn off friendly fire or vice versa. No definitive confirmation yet. If you notice it happens - go to the Menu, Options, Gameplay -> tick or untick Friendly Fire.

Official fixes

- Fixed an issue that caused some creatures to require a higher number of items to complete their associated research.

- Fixed an issue where “All New, Faded for Her” could disappear from the journal.

- Fixed an issue where dying in combat without a full party would not switch the camera focus to a follower.

- Fixed an issue where some characters in Skyhold did not have a displayed name.

- Fixed an issue where some requisitions tracked incorrect ingredients.

- Fixed an issue where some schematics were using incorrect icons.

- Fixed an issue that caused mosaic tiles to be offset from the wall in Skyhold.

- Fixed an issue that caused the merchant in The Descent to purchase items from the player at a higher price than intended.

- Fixed an issue that could cause brontos to not drop creature research items.

- Fixed an issue that could cause Cole’s legs to appear inside out when certain armor is equipped.

- Fixed an issue that could cause overlapping operation icons on the war table.

- Fixed an issue that could cause some quest enemies to not appear in Crestwood Hills.

- Fixed an issue that could cause some scouting operations to not display images.

- Fixed an issue that could cause the gate at Redcliffe Village to remain closed.

-Fixed an issue that could result in crafting resources being placed in the inventory’s Valuables category.

- Fixed an issue that could result in dawn lotus being positioned incorrectly in the Skyhold garden.

- Fixed an issue that prevented some completed operations from clearing off the war table.

- Fixed an issue that prevented the Alistair codex entry from unlocking.

- Fixed an issue that could prevent the Inquisition Banner Crown from unlocking if players collected the headpiece from the Storm Coast before capturing the keeps.

- Fixed an issue with abilities displaying incorrect buff icons.

- Improved stability.

As-observed changes

- Pommel Strike (Inquisition) has been updated. Instead of shaving off 4 seconds of cooldown and dealing a 1 second stun, it now adds 200% damage (although it still shaves off the 4 seconds of cooldown).

- War Horn has been updated. The upgrade no longer does Guard damage - instead it removes the cooldown on War Horn and increases its effects the longer you wait with using it between uses.

- It'll Cost You has been updated. It returns 50% of the damage now instead of 15%.

- Unbowed has been replaced by Livid, which increases the damage dealt and your own damage reduction in accordance with the amount of enemies in your vicinity. Like with Unbowed the upgrade still provides an additional 20% Guard per enemy in the vicinity.

- Spirit Blade has been changed to deal 150% damage as a base instead of the previous 300% damage. However, instead it builds up charges as you perform basic attacks (5 per basic attack) up to a maximum of 99, which increase the next use by an yet unknown figure. The charges deplete at half of the current value until reaching zero, at which point the blade returns to the standard 150% damage.

- Shadow Strike now restores 70 Stamina when striking an enemy that wasn't targeting you, and its "Stealth bonus damage" has been moved to the upgrade, Quick Blade, in lieu of cost reduction and cooldown reduction.

- Evasion has a 10% chance to activate instead from the previous 5% chance.

- Caltrops upgrade causes Bleeding damage (previously Sunder damage?). It seems to be an effect that lasts 10 seconds, and it doesn't seem to have its slowdown effect anymore.

- Spike Trap now has a cooldown of 8 seconds instead of 20 seconds and costs 20 stamina instead of 35 stamina. Spike Trap also now can use up to 3 traps at a time (with summoning a fourth one the first one disappears). Also, the effects of Watch Your Step now seem to have to changed to the basic skill, so you can remain stealthed while using it (verification needed). The upgrade has been changed from Watch Your Step (which allowed remaining in Stealth when using the ability) to Pyrotechnics which increases the impact radius by 4 meters . Be warned: it still has friendly fire enabled (if you enabled it in your game), making it a LOT more dangerous to your own team.

- Mark of Death (Inquisition)'s upgrade, Mark of Doom (Inquisition) has been changed to Lasting Mark. It adds 4 seconds to the mark's duration of 8 seconds but you can no longer trigger it early for bonus damage.

- Spinning Blades removes active debuffs from targets the blades touch and move them to other enemies in a 6 meter radius.

- Line in the Sand "locks" the warrior into the ability, which immobilizes them to prevent that gap in the middle, but now they can't move until the ability expires (they can rotate in case the enemy decides to walk around, but that's it). Allies can walk through the projections, but ranged attacks still collide with them.

- Guardian Spirit now is an persistent active, instead of an automatically condition-activated power.

- Unforgiving Chain (Inquisition) now gives +2% crit chance instead of 1%.

- The animation speed of collecting herbs (and possibly other resources?) has been sped up

- Alistair's codex is fixed in this patch and will update retroactively.

The patch added the following new features:

- The Golden Nug. The first time you can use it is in an post-game save - it'll then remember collectible things you have unlocked like crafting recipes, mounts, Skyhold decorations and potion recipes (but not upgrades). It'll 'install' itself in the Undercroft at Skyhold, and in Haven next to the stables (thanks Emynii for that one!). Every time you're online and on the same platform, it'll sync itself with the servers when clicked, both adding new things you didn't have in the collection yet, and retrieving things back to your characters. It works cross all your characters on the same platform. (Small disclaimer: Bioware said nursery seeds might be included when using the Golden Nug - no definitive word yet)

- The Untold Relics designed by the winners of the Untold Relics of Thedas competition can now be found ingame. You'll have to search for them.

- The Red Lyrium weapons are included in this patch as well, if you hadn't already played the mini-game

- New wardrobe. Instead of walking around in your pyjamas, you can now choose other clothes in varied colours. You can always change your clothes in your bedroom in Skyhold and an yet unknown location in Haven. (Might either be an communication error or an programming fault, since noone has yet found the wardrobe in Haven so far)

You will start the Trespasser DLC in the red uniform, but will be able to change your outfit in the Wardrobe afterward.

The new clothes seem to be mostly reskinned versions of the Defender Coat, Defender Mail, Apprentice Armor, et cetera, but in very nice color tones (dragon material tints on one of them) and wearable around Skyhold. The tag line for the original beige, now called "Austerity," is "Simple. Eternal. Beige." (Well noted by RShepard227)

- Both the Golden Nug & the Wardrobe will be available in the Trespasser DLC, along with crafting stations, your storage chest and a vendor

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