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40 Names for Dog

Intended for novelty purposes only. Eganogard will not be held liable if Anora has the Warden killed for naming the party's dog "in her honor." All rights reserved. No wrongs abandoned.

This is my first blog post; a list of Names for Dog, our lovable companion in Dragon Age: Origins. It's something that has been done before, but I find it fun & interesting to see what ideas other people have.

This is a lighthearted list that pokes fun at various things in and out of DA (within the confines listed below). Some are better than others, and some are fairly juvenile. It isn't a list of serious dog names; if that's what you're looking for then this blog post isn't for you. Please don't troll if you don't enjoy it.

Mabari War Dogs

The names are just for fun & all involve a reference to one or more of the following:

Dog pranks
Where "–" is a link it points to a source of inspiration on Dragon Age Wiki or Wikipedia.
Alistair's Mother Anora Barker Bitey
Bobbarker Brian Calvin Capt'n Crunch
Celia [1] Cheese-Lvr Crotchsniffer Crunch-Muncher
– Doggod Fetch'ems – Furry Fury – Goddog
Goldanna – Killums Leghumpar Lightning-Chained
Lyrium-Sniffer Mascara'd Murderer Meat – Messere Massacre
Morribitch Peekingdog [2] Santos L. Halper Scoopmypoop
Ser Slobbers Shaggydog Sirrah Slaughter Smelly
Spoiled Princess Stick's Friend Underdeveloped Vanillaveline [3]
Whichoneisred Wilfred Wiseguy Zevransbackupdate [4]

[1] Loghain's wife.
[2] Reads PeeKingDog (as per its link), not a Peking Duck dog.  :)
[3] Vanilla Aveline, because sometimes it's fun to be cruel.
[4] Reads ZevransBackupDate, not ZevransBackUpdate ;)

I would have loved to see a cutscene in which Loghain discovers that the dog has the same name as his wife.
I think his reaction would have been priceless.

Dog Approval

If you want to suggest more names in the comments, please follow the guidelines above.

The list will continue to live on, and be expanded / modified on my user page. I'm not very interested in posting most commercial pop-culture references (such as Scooby, Snoopy, Lassie, Disney dogs, etc.) on an updated list, beyond any exceptions that are already there. However, I might use a few of those if they're particularly clever and include more than one criteria. The first two criteria are highly preferred over the last two.

Please comment any dog names that come to mind!

──┤ 22px-5308644.png Eganogard talk ├── 07:24, August 18, 2012 (UTC)

Forgot a couple of easy ones:
Nerfbari (i.e., nerfed mabari, for our less lovable DA2 dog)
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