Among the many ideas I have for Dragon Age 3, one was for the Pride Demon. I really liked the idea of elemental Pride demons from DA2, but Legacy really put it out there. Pride demons who use a straight up elemental tree along with normal Pride demon abilities along with a elemental skin.

So here's the five elemental Pride Demon types, weakest to strongest.

"Natural" Pride demons are the weakest and most common of the five elemental types. They are feed off the most basic pride that people usually keep to themselves; thus this Pride Demons keep to themselves secretly being proud inside.

Natural Pride are mostly sickly-green colored and its limbs start to turn maroon while their eyes and claws glow neon green with poison.

They use the nature-based attacks including Stonefist and a less effective variation of Petrify. Also, they can use the "Stone-mail", a spell that exchanges speed for higher protection. Venom drips from their claws, poisoning enemies via physical contact; they can breath a gust of poison gas.

- - - - -

"Merciless" Pride demons are the second weakest Pride demon, a step from from the Natural but still below the Blazing. These feed off those who take pride in cruel and cold actions. These Pride demons are merciless and unforgiving in personality, but they're also calm and collective.

Merciless Prides are mostly navy blue colored, their limbs start to turn into a lighter blue while their claws and eyes glow cyan.

These Pride demons use a powerful version of Winter's Grasp capable of freezing victims for sort periods of time. They can quickly whip out bolts of ice and can use the Hand of Winter. The strongest can summon even small blizzards.

- - - - -

"Blazing" Pride demons are the middle ground for elemental Pride demons, stronger than both Natural and Merciless while still below Thunderous and Eternal. They feed off those who take pride in murder and destruction. Both impatient and bloody in personality, Blazing Pride Demons attempt to challenge anything that moves.

Blazing Prides are mostly crimson colored, their limbs blood red. Their eyes and claws take a fiery gold color.

These demons hurl fireballs easily, can summon infernos, and breathe out entire gusts of flame. When surrounded, it can shake loose the ground beneath it and call forth magma to attack enemies.

- - - - -

"Thunderous" Pride demons are quite the opposite to Natural pride demons; they are quite boastful and like to announce to everything IN A LOUD VOICE. Second only to Eternal pride demons, Thunderous pride demons are extremely powerful Fade beings. Compared to the most demons, Thunderous pride demons are the "nicest"... but they'll do everything in their power to show to others that they're superior.

Thunderous Pride can be confused with Merciless Pride demons without proper examination. Their body is colored a dark blue while their limbs are colored dull gold. Their fingers and eyes are pure gold on the other hand. They are the physically largest of the pride demons.

These Pride demons use an entire arsenal of energy-based spells, from chain lightning bolts to even entire lightning storms. When surrounded, they can either teleport or send out shockwaves of energy.

- - - - -

The wisest and the most powerful of all the Pride demons, "Eternal" Pride demons are ancient Fade beings that take residence in the darkest wards of the Fade. They feed off all forms of Pride, making superior to all other demons in existence. Fortunately, they are at the utmost rarity.

Eternal Pride demons are without form. Virtually ghosts, they cannot be harmed by physical attacks.

These pride demons have the widest arsenal of spells available to a demon, having complete and utter mastery over the magic schools are Arcane, Entropy, and Spirit... making them one of the strongest beings in existence.

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