I had this idea for Dragon Age, making a "Dragon Age: Salvation". Its several years after Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, and the Warden is sent to Orlais to combat a new darkspawn threat, and their leader wants to bring back Razikale, the Archdemon of Mystery.

One armor is the Archdemon, made from the remains of the Archdemon in Dragon Age Origins. Here are the stats for the Sword part of the set.

Blade of the Archdemon

This sword is nothing short of indestructible, and when you near it, you hear a vague but familiar sound. It might be of darkspawn origin, but is too finely crafted to be so; otherwise, it is an incredible weapon.

Type: Longsword

Material: Tevinter Iron (Tier 10)

Requires: 42 Strength

Damage: 15.00

Critical Chance: 8.00%

Armor Penetration: 6.00

Rune Slots: 4

Location: Retrieved by Fluffy in the Cellars of Keepsake

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