Below is a list of major new revelations in GI's September issue;

  • Combat will be part way between DAO and DAII. It will be tactical, but it will still include the quick responsiveness of DAII. Enemies will work in tandem using tactics and utilising the surroundings with an advanced AI. Being aware of your surroundings will be key to success. As a specific example, fighting an armoured high dragon, player will be able to bash its armour off, then use a rogue to poison its unarmoured leg, and go all in when it stumbles and falls.
  • Environments are large, open and unique. It won't be an open world game like Skyrim, but every hub will be a large location in itself.
  • The story progress is controlled by the Inquisitor needing to amass a certain amount of power for the Inquisition. Until certain specific power thresholds are reached (by completing quests) the story won't advance beyond set points.
  • Environments will be a lot more interactive thanks to the Frostbite 3 engine.
  • PC version might get a more tailored control scheme, but zooming out the camera as much as in DAO might still not be present.
  • A Mass Effect 3 style multiplayer might be included (speculation)
  • There will be more to mounts than just riding them around.
  • Leliana and Cullen are likely to return. Morrigan will have considerable involvement but won't be a companion.
  • There is some central force behind all that is going wrong in the world, and the biggest objective of the Inquisition, besides dealing with the tear in the sky, would be to find out and unmask this individual. (My money says it's going to be Flemeth)
  • Player characters will be able to craft and customise armour from material found in the game world. Companions will have customisable armour while still retaining their iconic looks.
  • Some mysteries like the nature of Red Lyrium, the activities of the Grey Wardens, and the nature of the witch Flemeth, and the fate of Morrigan will be clarified to a certain extent.
  • Decisions will have visible impacts.
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