Dragon Age Legends will close their servers on June 18, 2012: the flash-based game did not "make enough revenue to sustain itself".

  • E-commerce will be turned off on May 18, 2012. At that point, you will no longer be able to purchase crowns.
  • On May 18, 2012, we'll begin a massive fire sale on ALL items in the store. If you still have a stockpile of crowns left over, this is the time to spend them.
  • The game servers will be turned off on June 18, 2012. You will no longer be able to access DAL on Facebook or Google+ after that date.
  • We've started a customer appreciation program for any current DAL players who check out Age of Champions, a fantasy RPG from BioWare Social's Sacramento studio. If you've played Dragon Age on Facebook in the last three months, you'll an exclusive promo pack -- featuring a DAL-inspired Champion weapon, a Viscount Ravi army unit, in-game currency, and an exclusive medal for your profile page -- in Age of Champions.
  • Any remaining crown balance after June 18, 2012 will not be transferable to future BioWare Social products.

A free offline version of the game will be available the official website shortly after DAL shuts down.

The Escapist reports that Dragon Age Legends brings about 10,000 daily average users and 110,000 monthly average users, according to AppData, in comparison to CityVille, which brings in 5.6 million DAU and nearly 37 million MAU.

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