The winners for the "Dragon Age: Asunder Creative Writing Challenge" have been anounced. Among the 400 entries, 20 of them were picked by the writers, which was then narrowed down to five finalists to one final winner:

  • "Absent" by Accursed Spatula
  • "Architect" by OatsMalone1
  • "As We Are" by Sagacious Rage
  • "Atonement" by bunny_girl1022
  • "Beyond These Pages" by Cerelinde
  • "Blessed are the Pure in Spirit" by trampledpixie
  • "Burdened" by Elliebean
  • "Chaff in the Wind" by Brynna1998
  • "Conspiracy Theory" by jenovan
  • "Eyes on Me" by Sandtigress
  • "the Flight" by J.M. Beck
  • "Harrowing" by Greer
  • "Jinx" by Bethadots
  • "Pinch's Fascinations" by Firky
  • "To Represent an Order" by Ninebits

The finalists:

And the winning entry:

  • "Last Strands of Childhood" by Kilyra

Congratulations to the winners! For those who want to read more entries, look up for this thread, which also links to the winning ones.

Additionally, there is a post by David Gaider about fanfiction "dos and don'ts".

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