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    Taking better screenshots

    December 19, 2012 by D-day

    This is just some tips that I wanted to share for taking screenshots.

    • Hide the user interface (UI) by pressing "V".
    • Uncheck any of the gameplay options you do not need when taking pictures, such as "Show shimmer around objects with loot" under the "Options > Game", unless this is intentional (e.g., it is meant to show there is a bug, or to show the reader how something is supposed to appear)
    • Don't forget to use "pause" (spacebar) when taking a picture. You will probably want to try out different angles and zoom before selecting your final picture.
    • Make sure you have the highest graphical settings possible everything.
    • Note that screenshots taken from the game will generally not be uploaded correctly (it may come back as a "blank" image) and may…

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  • D-day

    Dragon Age Legends will close their servers on June 18, 2012: the flash-based game did not "make enough revenue to sustain itself".

    A free offline version of the game will be available the official website shortly after DAL shuts down.

    The Escapist reports that Dragon Age Legends brings about 10,000 daily average users and 110,000 monthly average users, according to AppData, in comparison to CityVille, which brings in 5.6 million DAU and nearly 37 million MAU.

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  • D-day

    Search preferences

    May 19, 2012 by D-day

    Wikia recently changed the behavior of the search function on all wikis last week. Since this week, registered users now have the option to enable "Go-Search" ("Under the Hood" in user preferences). Clicking on the magnifying glass should take the user directly to the article, and it will also become the default option when pressing "Enter". Unregistered users should create an account to enable this feature.

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  • D-day

    Dragon Age Wiki proudly to present a Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker promotion. See inside for a chance to win free stuff by asking questions about the upcoming movie!

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    Asunder winning entries

    February 1, 2012 by D-day

    The winners for the "Dragon Age: Asunder Creative Writing Challenge" have been anounced. Among the 400 entries, 20 of them were picked by the writers, which was then narrowed down to five finalists to one final winner:

    • "Absent" by Accursed Spatula
    • "Architect" by OatsMalone1
    • "As We Are" by Sagacious Rage
    • "Atonement" by bunny_girl1022
    • "Beyond These Pages" by Cerelinde
    • "Blessed are the Pure in Spirit" by trampledpixie
    • "Burdened" by Elliebean
    • "Chaff in the Wind" by Brynna1998
    • "Conspiracy Theory" by jenovan
    • "Eyes on Me" by Sandtigress
    • "the Flight" by J.M. Beck
    • "Harrowing" by Greer
    • "Jinx" by Bethadots
    • "Pinch's Fascinations" by Firky
    • "To Represent an Order" by Ninebits

    The finalists:

    • "Horses, and the Smell of Snow" by Ghanima9
    • "Normal" by deekeh
    • "Penitence" by Col…
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