Elf Warrior

"You eye me, human,

As If Searching fight.

You welcome your death?

Yes, you stand taller than me,

But I can still reach your neck.

And everytime you look at me I feel

More willing to take a swing"

Elf Mage

"Surely, here we must be equals?

Surely, where the outside world is truley outside,

Where there are no distractions,

No social restrictions,

Elves are the same as humans?

No? Well, than, I supose, No one would miss you

If you happened to be frozen and dumped in the lake?"

Elven Rogue

"Theif, do not allow your feet to follow me,

Your eyes to watch me,

Your hand to reach for my bag of coins,

Your blade to sneak it's way round my throat.

I shall not loose a bit today!

Avert your eyes,

Or I shall busy them with an arrow"

Human Rogue

"I shall not kill you, brother.

Your blood shall not be spilled.

Your life will remain,

Your bones intact,

Your skin infractured,

Oh! Oh god!

It was an accident, I swear!

My blade slipped!"

"Your death shall come easy to me.

To you, well, it might sting a little.

But fear not! It shall be quick.

Your throat slit should do nicely...

Or maybe a stab through the heart.......

Do you mind? I notice you have a rather nice sword, and I

Don't think you'l have much use for it soon"

Human Mage

"Plucked from the city at an early age,

Ripped from my mothers arms,

The cause for my father's imprisonment...

And I have you to blame, Gregoire.

The sword through your side will not kill you.

So I shall turn you to a sword and drop you in the lake.

And when I die, the spell will end, and you shall drown.

Vengence is sweet, anticipation, sweeter"

Human Warrior

"I, who have braved the feircest battles,

I, who have faced a thousand foes,

I, who have bested champions,

I, who show know fear when faced with death,

I, who have sent thousands to hell,

I, who have thousands of miles,

Yes, I do think I'm strong enough for that ale"

Dwarven Warrior

"Bhelan, your guards lay in grevious heaps outside your quarters.

Your child has been taken and branded casteless.

Your wife has been tied for my men's pleasure.

Your men have become mine, or have returned to stone.

I have in my hand a fine blade sword.

You have in your hand a flower pot.

I think it's time for you to go down on your knees and beg"

Dwarven Rogue

"Laugh if you will, fine noble,

At my ripped and ragged clothes.

I may be casteless.

I may have no rights in your eyes.

But do you know what I can see in my eyes?

A naked noble, bathing, unarmed and exposed.

Give me coin and flee now, before my sword finds it's way in your cheast.


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