Dragon Age 2 is generally a very good game. Unfortunately there are some things that feel rushed or out of place. Here is MY wishlist of what I hope will be changed in Dragon Age 3. You can agree or disagree but please be civil about it.

1. Please, bring isometric view back! It was really annoying when my Hawke got stuck somewhere and got killed, just because I had difficulty pulling camera away from the character and ordering her to go somewhere else. It’s also difficult to aim AOE spells, since mages have to go closer to find a right spot and have to run in the middle of a combat.

2. Better enemy spawning. It’s rather annoying when enemies emerge from the area that was already cleansed, jump from two stores high building without breaking feet or magically appear on the top of my party. In some cases it’s understandable. Demons can appear out of nowhere. The Deep Roads are full of the darkspawn. But it’s irritating as hell when each group of thugs seems to have super teleporting ninja abilities.

3. Less trash mobs, less waves. Waves as such are ok, but not if they are OVERUSED. It takes enjoyment out of the combat if there is third or fourth wave of enemies appearing with your mana/stamina low, health decreased nearly to zero and you healer’s talents still recharging. Fighting becomes a tedious chore. Also, less trash enemies. It’s a little hilarious when you thing how many thugs had Hawke killed during his/her time in Kirkwall. Instead enemies should be tougher and smarter.

4. Choices that really affect the story. There are a few choices in DA2 – like whether or not take you sibling to the Deep Roads or side with the mages or templars at the end of the game. But most of them doesn’t affect the story as much as they should. Your sibling still disappears form the next two acts, one of your friends still gets kidnapped by Grace and Thrask, you still has to fight both Orsino and Meredith at the end of the game.

5. Show us what happened to the characters at the end of the game. In the Origins Wardens can talk with all her/his companions and whoever we put on the throne. We are also given “rumors” of what happened to the rest of the world. DA2 doesn’t have any of this. All we know is that Hawke disappeared with her or his love interest and the rest of the party scattered across the world. It would be cool to actually see our new Viscount office, talk with Cullen about rebuilding the city or have shots of our party hiding in the woods and talk with our companions: how they never expected to survive but they did, that defending the mages was worth it all at the end. Maybe Isabela proposes Hawke she will take him/her and swim away on her new ship, maybe Anders is thinking about organizing the mage resistance somewhere else, maybe Fenris wants to return to Tevinter and start a slave revolution.

6. Bigger level diversity. DA2 reused many environments, which become quite boring after a while. Like it seemed it was always the same cave system only with some doors magically shut and other opened for each mission. It was also strange to see Kirkwall always the same even after six years.

7. Bigger diversity in how background NPCs look like. Some of you probably noticed there are at least two women with the same face, hair and clothes in Anders’ clinic. Or that there are clones in the noble crowd cheering for Hawke at the end of act 2. I don’t want every NPC to have unique clothes and hair, but it would be nice to see existing options mixed up a little. Or doesn’t have them appear next to each other in the same scene.

8. Let us interact with the companions when we would like to and not when the game says we must. Through I was generally very happy with how our interaction with the characters looked like, it was in-depth, character building and diverse, but we were restricted to the times the game said we could interact with them. We couldn’t ask our companions any questions anytime we wanted like in the Origins. There was no option to kiss our Love Interest or ask them if they want to have sex with us. Interactions with Sten in the Origins for example gave us many information on the Qunari culture.

9. Bring back possibility to play with many races. I know DA2 was supposed to be specifically “Hawke’s story” and we will have to play with human protagonist in DA3, so it’s more for the future Dragon Age games. I personally found it most fun to play as a dwarf or an elf, since it showed that not only humans could be heroes. There is a scene in City Elf origin where you see elven children playing as human heroes since they haven’t heard of any legendary elves. You can either let them play or make up a story about some heroic elf. I like to think that these children at the end of Origins can tell stories of their own hero Tabris and can be proud of being elves. It’s also fun to kick ass of any pussy noble trying to discriminate me over my race!

10. Make player abilities actually count outside of the battle. There are a few quests in DA:O that can be played in many different ways based on your skills. Like a thief quest to steal sword form this lady in the bookstore. If you had good pickpocketing skill you could simply pickpocket it, but you persuade her to take her clothes and then take a sword or use your herbalist/poison-making skills to feed her a sleeping potion and then get all her stuff.

11. Let us dress our companions how we like. Much armor can be used only on a specific class. It all go to waste when Hawke is a mage but finds a very good rouge outfit that would otherwise greatly help Isabela or Varric, but can't make use of it since companions choose their own looks.

12. Better lopking elves/dwarves. It doesn’t mean we have to come back to Origins look, but please make these races less hideous. What they did to Zavren is horrible. Many elves simply look ugly, with Orana being the best example. There are good-looking elves like Fenris, Merril or Arianni, but there could be more. Dwarves seem ok, beside their eyes, which look like they are made of glass. It’s creepy as hell.

13. Bring back some old specializations like Arcane Warrior. Or add a few new ones. Three specializations seem too little. It decreases player’s option on how to build his/her character.

14. Let mages carry weapon other than stuff. Bring back duel-wielding warriors. Let rouge use not only daggers and a bow, but a sword with a dagger too. Like previously it simply gives more gameplay variety.

15. Bring back the Grey Wardens. Grey Wardens are one of a few completely original aspects of the Dragon Age universe. Mages and templars, elves and dwarves also appear in this way or another in many other works of fiction. They don’t have to play a key role in the game, but it would be nice to be able to interact with them more. Maybe as one of the factions we have to gain to help us stop the war. We know there was something going on with the Grey Wardens in Kirkwall during Hawke’s decade there. There is Nate’s expedition for example and some mistirious mission our sibling goes on during the Qunari invasion. It would be nice to uncover what Grey Wardens were shaming all this time.

16. Give us toolset back. There are tons of wonderful mods for DA:O, they let us experiance our game in a different way. Mods are also signals what fandom would like to see changed or improved. There is a Respecialization Mod for Origins that I presume may have inspired Maker's Sight in DA2 and tomes in DA:A.

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