While surfing on the Internet I often heard opinions that Mistress ending for f!Warden is somehow worse that Warden Queen ending. Some people seem to feel it’s depredating for the Warden to be “this second woman” and not get fairytale wedding with Alistair. As a person who usueally plays dwarves and elves and romances Alistair (couldn't help it, he is too cute!), I decided to write a defense of my favourite ending.

Good points of the whole situation:

1) You still are one of the most powerful women in Ferelden. You are a war hero, who saved Ferelden’s collective ass from the Archdemon. This alone gives you a lot of influence. You are probably part of King’s inner circle of advisers, especially if you made yourself the Chancellor. You are not a Queen, but it doesn’t mean you are less powerful or less influential. And you archived this position only through hard work and determination, when Anora was married into it (which doesn’t make her any less of a badass manipulator and ruler, but still…)

2) You hold emotional influence over Alistair. There are many examples of women, who were not married to kings/emperors, but still had a lot of influence over their lovers. Sometimes they were the ones who really ruled behind their back. There is no indication it should be different for our inexperienced king head over heels in love with his mistress.

3) You don’t have to worry about heirs. Any woman Alistair officially marries will have to provide him with at least one child. There is strong indication that Anora may be barren and in case of f!Cousland Grey Warden infertility kicks in. There is chance there may not be children at all. Remember what Eamon tried to do to Anora, when he believed she wouldn’t give Calian any heirs. He tried to replace her. Mistress!Warden doesn’t have to worry about getting replaced in such way. Grey Warden infertility is welcomed since you won’t produce any bastard to challenge legitimate children for the throne.

4) You are the one Alistair loves! Marriage to Anora is a purely political match. If anything she is the second one in his heart to you. You may not even let her marry Alistair and then you are only woman in his life.

5) You get to stay with the man you love, while Ferelden sill gains badass King. Maybe it’s just me, but I just prefer Alisair all kingly. This golden armor!

All of this doesn't mean I don't like Queen ending for f!Cousland or Warden!Alistair romance. I do. They are both very sweet and have their heartwarming moments. I just feel that Mistress ending needs a little more love :)

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