ChrisChaos369 (talk) 02:34, September 24, 2010 (UTC) Hi I'm new on here but I would like to make countdown videos for youtube but I need the help of loyal Dragon Age fans. If possible vote for all 6 Catagories. When the voting is over the videos will be made and put on youtube. Also I will be posting direct links for the videos on this site. The Catagories are as follows:

Best Origins Companion: Alistair Dog Leliana Loghain Morrigan Oghren Shale Sten Wynne Zevran

Best Awakening Companion: Anders Justice Mhairi Nathaniel Howe Oghren Sigrun Velanna

Best Origin Story: City Elf Dalish Elf Dwarf Commoner Dwarf Noble Human Noble Mage

Best Fighter Class: Mage Rogue Warrior

Best Allies during the Blight: 4 Steel Golems 12 Mages 16 Templars 16 Werewolves 50 Dalish Elves 50 Dwarves 50 Redcliffe Soldiers

Most Powerful Foe: Ancient Darkspawn Archdemon The Architect Arl Howe Armored Ogre Avernus The Baroness Beraht Branka Broodmother Caladrius Caridin The Children Connor Corrupted Spider Queen Darkspawn Darkspawn Necromancer Drake Eirik The First Flemeth The Harvester High Dragon Inferno Golem Jarvia Kolgrim Leske The Lost Marjolaine The Mother Piotin Aeducan Prince Bhelen Queen of the Blackmarsh Revenant Risen Ogre Ser Cauthrien Sir Landry Sloth Demon Sophia Swiftrunner Taliesin Teryn Loghain Uldred Utha Varterral Vaughan The Withered Witherfang Zathrian Zevran

Join Us! In deciding who will be the best.

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