lol, minus the title Alistair is one of my favorite characters. but during a recent playthrough he was a real asshole, and ungrateful too

here is the story, first of all i had my guy and him built like tanks(Massive armor, sustainable armor boosting speels and wynne on support) so i had him decked out in very powerful armor(Juggernaut)


I was propsition by the queen to become king. now Alistair did not want this anyway so i thought all good, im king his not everyone s happy. of course this meant i had to leave Loghain alive to keep my chances of becoming King up. Alistair did not like this and even though i spared his life when Anora wanted to execute him, he stormed off and took my Juggernaut armor with him. very ungrateful lol

what can i say, i will double cross friends for the right price, but he didn't have to steal off me

So Dragon Age Court

Should Alistair be charged for stealin the Kings Juggernaut Armor, and what whould be his punnishment

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