So, I'm an assassin. It's not an honorable profession and believe me, I know. But when one's family relies on one to eat, one takes the job that pays the best and tries not to think too much about it.

Family first. That's my motto. If it's a choice between keeping a roof over our heads or knifing some lyrium smuggler who didn't pay his debts...well, that's no choice, at all, really.

Family first. I pride myself on doing what I must for them. It's a point of honor that I neatly use to sweep aside the dishonor of my profession. A shame philosophy doesn't pay well.

So...the Orlesian noble. The estate's a fortress, anybody knows that. Luckily, nobles travel a lot. There are dinners, and dances, and garden parties to attend. It's difficult to guard every inch of the road between the estates.

I hung around taverns and chatted up a serving girl. I knew when he would depart and I was waiting when he came out, hidden among the trees that bordered the road. My bow was ready. A single shot and then an escape through the trees to the river where a raft was waiting.

I didn't count on the serving girl being with him. I certainly didn't count on the child.

Family first. I couldn't fire the arrow. I couldn't kill someone while family watched. It didn't matter that it wasn't mine.

It's the first time I've left a job unfinished, but I don't think the Coterie is going to be too happy with me. I don't think the truth will go over very well.

I'll need to make something up. What did that storyteller in the tavern say? When the truth is dull, throw in a dragon.

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