Hey,I've heard quite a few times when people talk about the warden possibly being the main protaginist for DA 3 that one of the reasons it wouldn't happen would be the problem of all the voice acting that would have to be done,not just male/female human,but also male/female elf or dwarve because an elf female would sound different from a female dwarf,etc.. My question is that if this was too much of a problem,how would you feel if they bring back the Dialogue tree like they had in origins which would mean your character would be a mute? I know it might be argued that this may break immersion with the character,but for me it didn't stop me getting totally immersed with the warden in origins.I personally preferred the dialogue tree from origins because you could see exactly what were you going to say and it was like you were actually saying it.I didn't feel that way with Hawke.For me personally,the warden will always be me whereas Hawke will be someone i kinda like watched.

-Beowulf Cousland
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