Pre-order Dragon Age II from any participating retailer and get both the Fadeshear Sword and Lion of Orlais Shield for free.


The Fadeshear Sword, an ancient blade - features 2 rune slots, improves with each level-up and deals additional damage vs. both demons and the undead.

The Lion of Orlais Shield, used during the Summer War - again features 2 rune slots, adds to experience (XP) gain and adds to health.

The Irons
This offer includes both previous Signature Edition and current Regular Edition pre-orders.

So if you missed out on the Signature Edition, pre-order now to ensure you at least get some bonus items.

In addition to this the EA Store is offering an additional exclusive pre-order item if you order direct from them, The Irons.

This belt, fashioned from the black steel of Kirkwall's infamous iron foundries - adds to all elemental resistances, health and constitution.

As an added bonus: If you pre-ordered the BioWare Signature Edition (prior to January 12, 2011) both the Fadeshear Sword and Lion of Orlais Shield are included, plus via The Black Emporium you get a fighting Mabari War Hound, the Mirror of Transformation, and access to exclusive Magic and Crafting Stores in addition.

See and the BioWare announcement thread for further details.

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