Did You Drink From The Well Of Sorrows? ---SPOILER WARNING--


Party: LVL 20 Avalon, Solas, Dorian, Blackwall (Morrigan thrown in, but not during battle) Tactics used: AVALON: Deathblow, Stealth, Flank Attack, Flask of fire, Evade, Mark of the Rift, Twin Fangs and Shadow Strike

SOLAS: Barrier, Chain Lightning, Energy Barrage, Fade Step, Revival, Firestorm, Stone Fist, Veilstrike
DORIAN: Haste, Horror, Chain Lightning, Blizzard, Flashfire, Walking Bomb, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Winter's Grasp
BLACKWALL: Block & Slash, Combat Roll, Counterstrike, Grappling Chain, Mighty Blow, Pommel Strike, Walking Fortress, Whirlwind

Spread out your ranged mages, Dorian and Solas, have your two tanks run straight for one enemy at a time, have the mages cast barrier and revive spells and attack the same enemy with ranged attacks Take out the Red templar knights/horrors first then focus on Samson after everyone can adapt after taking out those first 4 enemies I used Blackwall & Dorian as bait so that Avalon and Solas could use their focus attacks (Mark of the Rift and Firestorm) The skills I mainly used were Solas' fade step and Revive & Avalon's deathblow. IF SAMSON COMES AFTER ONE OF YOUR MAGES AND YOU HAVE FADE STEP I RECCOMEND USING IT


So I just so happened to have my main party (My Rogue Elf Avalon, Solas, Dorian and Blackwall) and the mission throws in Morrigan So when it came down to it Avalon and Morrigan were arguing over who got to drink from the well so I'm gonna test out how each path would work because in the forums no one mentioned Solas and Dorian Other than Solas getting punched in the face but he's my baby and I love him (Don't tell Blackwall Shhh.)

Avalon: Insists Morrigan be like, extremely cautious.

Morrigan: Eventually ends up drinking from the well. Because Ava doesn't need all that extra stuff going on.

Solas: Says Morrigan is right about one thing, we need the information in the well

Dorian: I asked everyone's opinion and he said, let the witch use the well if she insists upon it.

Blackwall: I romanced him and he said "I won't lose you, let the witch use the well."

After I let Morrigan drink from it Corypheus appeared, got angry and chased you through the Eluvian After that you jump through the Eluvian at Skyhold and go to the War room where you talk to your inner circle Morrigan tells you that the dragon is a part of him and slaying the dragon will disrupt his ability to leap into other bodies

After that I went and spoke to Solas, Dorian and Blackwall before Morrigan here's what they all said

Solas: "But this morning, I need to shake the dreams from my mind. I may also need a favor." He asks you to go look for one of his friends that have been captured by mages. Turns out to be a spirit of wisdom, summoned against it's will. I agree to help save his friend I spoke to him again and he asked what'd I'd do with the well once Corypheus is dead, I said, I'd attempt to restore it and he thanked me. (I've offically impressed him *^* )

Dorian: He asks if he should go back to Tevintar once this is all over, then says how badly he's talked about everything back home and how he's done nothing. I said he could transform Tevintar, I inspired him to try to fix his homeland. Then he spoke about me and Blackwall's relationship. Stay outta this. ;-;

Blackwall: He spoke about the Wardens, Darkspawn, and then after that I just kissed him.

Morrigan becomes a dragon, blah blah blah, fights the Red Lyrium Dragon while you fight off Corypheus, beware he will summon enemies, so have a good balance of range and melee fighters. I always have 2 mages and 2 tanks.

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