• AvalonDecriet

    Did You Drink From The Well Of Sorrows? ---SPOILER WARNING--


    Party: LVL 20 Avalon, Solas, Dorian, Blackwall (Morrigan thrown in, but not during battle) Tactics used: AVALON: Deathblow, Stealth, Flank Attack, Flask of fire, Evade, Mark of the Rift, Twin Fangs and Shadow Strike

    SOLAS: Barrier, Chain Lightning, Energy Barrage, Fade Step, Revival, Firestorm, Stone Fist, Veilstrike DORIAN: Haste, Horror, Chain Lightning, Blizzard, Flashfire, Walking Bomb, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Winter's Grasp BLACKWALL: Block & Slash, Combat Roll, Counterstrike, Grappling Chain, Mighty Blow, Pommel Strike, Walking Fortress, Whirlwind

    Spread out your ranged mages, Dorian and Solas, have your two tanks run straight for one enemy at a time, have the mages ca…

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