First thing first the winners of a blog I made after i tell you the the point of this one P.S. these are my reasons they won you want to see who won? look at the bog yourself. and no they might not mention what i typed but it came to mind.

NOW my next contest....thing, What is 1 thing you want back from DA1 that wasn't in DA2 and what is 1 thing you want more of. the second part could involve game-play or story. I will start this up to give example, I want the arcane warrior back, shocker I know. what I want more of, I want them to get and add the arcane warriors to the story like the blood mages... but less hated by the communities. like that's the information the tevinters took from the elfs. or some mages think this is a good way to fight templers since they don't rely so hard on their magic and use swords like them. Or the ...UGH Blood Mage Arcane Warrior. So post yours.

NEXT the winners. It was 2 people who won. One was boring yet won it back with its dark, a tranquil guy Crimpycracker..... Explain? Well I read the book with Wynne's son and Cole a rumored character for DA3. And your character met this tranquil man who starts as a rouge or warrior but later you get the option to give him his mind back and changes to a mage and gives him that surprisingly dark attitude will suprise many. It is also a way to change a team mates class and banter just sound... good. 2 is Eggy2504's Qunari. I think a it sounds odd yet great. "I find the qun too weak" or thinks their rules restricts his rage then finds out all this stuff we do without restrictions of religion fulfills his life more.... OK that was long. congrats winners on you winning the approval of an Arcane Commander... lol

I will also reward the best one(s) depends on how many get involved. one with a drawing or some thing then 2 i will take all these contest wins and put them on a letter to bioware.... now how do you send them letters? serriously is it easy like a family member or... more complicated.. oh well i figure it out

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