What if the rpg game Dragon Age: Origins was picked up into a tv series by HBO. Who would they cast for the roles of Morrigan, Alistair, Leliana, Loghain or Arl Howe.

If HBO made a series based of Dragon Age, I can 3 seasons, Season 1 for Dragon Age Origins, Season 2 for Dragon Age II. An episode for each Season should be 12-14 episodes an hour long. A few characters are slightly changed due to my 14 episode scripts but not real changes though.

Here is a little premise for starters

Dragon Age is set in Ferelden, one of several countries that makes up the mythical continent of Thedas. The game opens with an animation which details the origins of demonic creatures called the darkspawn, that dwell within the Deep Roads, an underground highway system created by the dwarves long ago, deep beneath the surface of Thedas. Every few hundred years, the darkspawn swarm the surface world in a movement known as a Blight. Beginning with the first Blight, Thedas relied on the legendary order of warriors known as the Grey Wardens to drive the darkspawn back. The first Blight lasted for 200 years, 2nd Blight 70 years, 3rd Blight 50 years, the 4th and thought to be the Final Blight was not even 25 years. Dragon Age: Origins begins on the eve of Thedas's fifth Blight.

The Grey Warden Commander of Ferelden named Duncan recruits a Warden from any origins you chose (on the fancasts or the HBO fancast ALL 7) to help the Order of Grey Wardens to end the Blight which Duncan hopes their is no Archdemon that is leading the army of Darkspawn. The 7 Warden's who will be the main protagonists of Season 1. Aidan Cousland- Human Noble, Warrior (sword and shield). Kallian Tabris- City Elf, Rogue (daggers and poison). Draven Amell- Human Mage, He is a mage ofcourse (Staff and magic). Neria Surana- Elven Mage, Mage (staff and magic). Theron Maherial- Dalish Elf, Rogue, (Archer, Dual Swords). Duran Aeducan- Dwarf Noble, Warrior (2 handed sword) Faren Brosca-- Dwarf Commoner, Rogue (dual wielding and crafting).

I'll start with the Cast. I had to recast the roles from the previous since they would be too old for the roles by the time a series or film was made. So I had to cast actors and actress' born between 1982-87 for the 7 Wardens and 4 of their companions such as Zeveran, Morrigan, Leliana andd Alistair. If you do not know the actor, I'll add what role they are best known for.

Richard Madden (Robb Stark) as Aidan Cousland Reason- I only seen him in Game of Thrones, which is my now favorite tv show now (sorry SUPERNATURAL). Richard plays Robb Stark, first born of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Stark. How he plays Robb reminds me of the Human Noble character on Dragon Age, so I thought "If HBO makes a series for the game why not get Richard Madden in a role".

Aidan is one of the 7 Main Protagonist of Season 1, his family was killed by his "Uncle" Arl Howe (Not actual Uncle but was good friends to his parents so he was considered family). In order to survive Aidan was forced to leave his mother and father to their fates as Duncan chose Aidan as his recruit since Aidan won the Tournament for Duncan's recruit in Highever but earlier Aidan's father refused that his youngest son to join the Grey Wardens since he was needed in Highever to rule on his behalf. After he and Duncan escaped, Aidan swore vengence upon Howe for the takeover of Highever. He knows his elder brother is still alive but cannot find word of where he is. Aidan mentions he lost his warhound "Barkspawn" during the takeover hoping he finds the dog as it was gift from his father. When I write the 14 episodes of Season 1 onto the site, Aidan is the last Duncan recruited into the Grey Wardens.

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) as Kallian Tabris Reason- She does a great performance on Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen. She starts out a shy girl who fears her brother Viserys, after he married her off to Khal Drogo of the Darathki. Daenerys starts to become a stronger character and felt acceptance around the Darathki. Which I think she can pull this role off after I seen her as Daenerys Targaryen.

Kallain Tabris one of the 7 Main Protagonist of Season 1, she grew up in the Elven Alienage with her mother dying when Kallian was 12. However her mother taught her how to fight with dual weapons while her father taught her to use poisons. Kallian was suppose to marry a elf from the other side of the Alienage, but the Teryn of Denerim took her and the bride of her cousin. Both were raped by the Teryn and his guards, her cousin and her husband entered the Teryn's Castle and saved them but Kallians soon to be husband was killed. Kallian caught the Teryn and killed him without mercy, she and her cousin returned to the Alienage. Kallian took full responsible of the death's, Duncan saw how brave she was and recruited her to join the Grey Wardens. In the 14 episodes I wrote, Kallian was the 3rd to be recruited.

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) as Theron Maherial Reason- Originally wanted Harington as Aidan Cousland but felt he was better as the Dalish Elf Warden. I like the Jon Snow character on Game of Thrones, I am reading the 4th book "A Feast of Crows", it is great. I know Harington can pull this role as the Dalish Elf.

Theron Maherial is one of the 7 Main Protagonists of Season 1, Theron grew up without a mother as she died giving birth to him, nor father as he was killed days before he was born. Theorn was raised by the First hand, which the two have a grandson/grandmother relationship. Theron along with his best friend Tamlen had scout duty finding humans running from something or someone. They find some BIG spiders, they killed them, Theron fell into a cave. Tamlen and Theron looked around. Tamlen finds a mirror in the middle of a room, Tamlen touches, which causes a bright light. Theron wakes up to find a group of humans called "Grey Wardens", he asks where Tamlen is, which they tell him their was no else. Theron discovers he was tainted by the mirror and is slowly dying, the First hand tells him, if he wants to live he must become a Grey Warden.Which he leaves saying his goodbye hoping he will find Tamlen. In the 14 episodes I wrote, Theron is the 4th one recruited by Duncan.

Harry Llyod (Viserys Targaryen) as Draven Amell Reason- I first saw Llyod on Robin Hood (BBC version) thought he was good on the show, he suprised me as Viserys Targaryen which he did a fine job as the character. The guy is talented and I think his a good choice for the Mage role, but he won't be a dick like Viserys was.

Draven Amell was born with Magic, he was taken from his home when he was 4. He lived in fear of the Circle Tower, mostly the Templars since they think ALL Mage's need to be put in cages. He became good friends to Neria Surana, thinking of her like a little sister, both past the Harrowing. Their good friend Jowen found out he was going to be made Traquil, due to the rumor of Jowen being a Blood Mage. Draven told the First Enchanter about it, which he asks Draven and Neria to spy on his behalf. They soon discover Jowen is "in" love with a sister of the Chantry. Draven and Neria "help" Jowen escape by removing his blood in the Circle's secret chamber (meaning he cannot be found if that drop of blood is destroyed). Irving tells the Templars that Draven and Neria are finding out if Jowen is truly a mage. They soon discover the rumors are true, Jowen escapes, Knight Commander Gregior wants Draven and Neria killed but Duncan saw them as possible recruits so the Circle lets the 2 join Duncan. In the 14 episodes I wrote, Draven and Neria were the 5th and 6th to be recruited by Duncan.

Tazmin Merchent (Catherine Howard) as Neria Surana Reason- Only saw Tazmin in the Tudors, which I thought she did a great job on. I thought she was more suited for Elven Mage then City Elf, which I believe she can pull it off.

Neria Surana was born a Mage, her parents left her for dead when they discover she was born with magic. Neria grew up with Draven Amell as a big brother figure. Basically like I wrote about Draven Amell of why they were recruited is on Draven's little bio. Draven and Neria were 5th and 6th Wardens who were recruited by Duncan.

Aidan Turner (Mitchell) as Faren Brosca Reason- Aidan is a good actor, loved him on Being Human (BBC version) sucks he left the show but he is going to play Kili on The Hobbit so congrats Turner. How he played Mitchell on Being Human, made me think he was perfect for the role of Dwarf Commoner.

Faren is a Dwarf Commoner meaning he is not from a Noble house, his father killed himself years prior after a mission went wrong. Faren takes care of his little sister and their mother who has now spent the remaining years drinking over her husbands death. Faren's "boss" wants his sister to seduce one of the 3 sons of House Aeducan, if given a son her family and himself can move into their Estate. To earn some coin Faren had to go to the Proving to see if the warrior who would fight the one his boss fights loses so his warrior would win. However the soldier was drunk BAD, taking no as a answer Faren, pretend to be the soldier but knew he would be killed if discover who he is. Faren dominated the Proving, Duncan as a guest was suprised the dwarf can fight, however the drunk warrior wakes up. Faren was forced to reveal himself, which his boss captures him and prisons him. Faren escapes and kills his boss after hearing that he might have "some use" of his sister before she seduces Bhelen Aeducan. In anger Faren butchered Bheret, with him dead he planned to escape but was caught by the royal guards of Ozzamar. Only 3 options, exile, death or Grey Wardens he chose joining the Grey Wardens. In the episodes I wrote for Season 1, Faren is the first recruited.

Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood BBC version) as Duran Aeducan Reason- Jonas Armstrong was great on Robin Hood (BBC version), it sucked he left the show which caused the series to be cancelled. I know he can pull this role off since his character will be the oldest of the 7 Wardens and his is the oldest of the 7 casts.

Duran Aeducan was the 2nd son of his father's children, his older brother Trian is next in line for the throne. However many want Duran for the throne since the elder brother is too violent and will do anything to stay as their father's heir. Since Duran was loved by all of Ozammar, the Council believed he should be King after his father dies. Duran's little brother Bhelen "discovered" that Duran will be indeed next in line for the throne, Trian learned of it and plans for Duran's "accident" during the Aeducan Deep Roads expedition. Duran refused his little brother's option by killing Trian during the Expedition. Despite all of what Trian did he is still their older brother, however when Duran and Gorim (Duran's best friend) find Trian dead during the expedition with an axe in his chest. Bhelen arrives with his father and soldiers telling them Duran slayed Trian in cold blood. Duran told them he does NOT use Axe's, however one of his own soldiers tell them Duran killed Trian. Duran killed him in anger of his friends betrayel, he was sent to the prisons, Lord Harrowmont who was like a foster father to Duran believed he is innocent and knew Bhelen had something to do with it. Since the King became "sick" recently, knowing if Bhelen gets the throne he will rule with an iron fist. Duran was exiled into the deep roads, before he left Harrowmont told him he will try to prove he is innocent but gives him a map of possible Grey Wardens. He managed to find them, but before that he found A LOT of gold which he gives some to his new "brothers and sisters" of the Order in token of his thanks. In the 14 episodes I wrote, Duran recruited 2nd by Duncan. (Note, all 7 Wardens appear in all 14 episodes of Season 1)

The Grey Wardens of Ferelden.

Jamie Sives (Ser Jory of House Stark) as Duncan Reason- Only seen Sives in Game of Thrones, despite his 4 episode appearance he was good. He looks like a younger version of Duncan if you see him on Game of Thrones. He can easily pull this role off if given a chance.

Not much is known about Duncan but is the Grey Warden Commander of Ferelden, only recruited 7 Wardens all over Ferelden. He recruited 2 others, months prior, but they did not go into their "Joining" yet since Duncan wanted more then 2 recruits. He arrives to Ostagar with his last recruit Aidan Cousland. He tells King Calin about not to bring his full army into battle tonight, which Duncan doesn't know if the Archdemon is truly out to confirm a true Blight. Duncan appears in 4 of the 14 episodes I wrote, first 2 episodes he appears and 2 flashbacks.

I have 2 choices for Alistair

Genthin Anthony (Renly Baratheon) as Alistair Reason- After seeing Genthin as Renly Baratheon on Game of Thrones, made me think he could be Alistair because he is only 27-28 and Alistair is actually a few years older then some of the characters but is a few years younger then Jonas Armstrong. I know if HBO were in charge of a Dragon Age tv series they should get Genthin as Alistair, he is a good contender for the role.

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) as Alistair Reason- He IS Alistair, watch SUPERNATURAL, he is a good actor and he can easily pull off the role. His character's personality reminds me of Alistair sometimes on SUPERNATURAL, if given a chance he will do a good job.

Not much is know of Alistair but he was recruited by Duncan 6 months prior making him the "junior" member of the Grey Wardens. Rumors fly by that he is the bastard son of Arl Eamon, however Alistair is not Eamon's bastard. Other rumors fly that he is the bastard son of the late King Maric, posssibly making Calin his half brother. Alistair will become a good friend to Aidan Cousland as the series progresses as the two friends start to treat each other like brothers. Alistair appears in every episode of the 14 I wrote, if you guys count 14 if he has a cameo in the end of episode 1.

Joseph Mawle (Benjen Stark) as Riordan Reasons- Like most of the actors, I only saw him on Game of Thrones, which he was only 3-4 episodes. However I had a good look at him as he played Benjen Stark and said to myself "Does he not look like Riordan from Dragon Age Origins". If HBO make a DAO series get Joseph Mawle as Riordan or Viggo Mortenson.

Riordan doesn't appear til the last 6 episodes of the 14 episode arc I wrote for a HBO version of Dragon Age, but is mentioned a few times by Duncan which I would ONLY give 1 mention. Duncan says to himself while in the Battle of Ostagar "Would have been easier if my "brother" was here, may the Maker watch over him".

Companions to the Grey Wardens

Eva Green (Morgan Pendragon) or Rooney Mara (Lisbeth Salander) as Morrigan

Reason for Eva Green- I always wanted Eva Green to be Morrigan is a Dragon Age film or HBO series was made. Why do you think I want her as Morrigan, because she is perfect for the role, watch her on CAMELOT, Casino Royale which she gives good performances in. Besides who doesn't want Eva as Morrigan.

Reason for Rooney Mara- She is 5 years younger then Eva Green, I am suprised I cast her for Morrigan. I never knew who she was until I saw her on the US/UK version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Which she did a great job on the film. She has the look to pull off Morrigan if HBO picked it into a series. If they were given 2 choices for Morrigan get Eva Green or Rooney Mara.

Morrigan is a Witch of the Wild, she first appears when the 7 along with Alistair, Daveth and Ser Jory. She tells them what ever they were looking for is no longer there, Aidan introduces himself asking her if she knows who took what they are looking for. Which she tells him, since he is the only polite one, she tells them her mother has them. She takes them to her mother's place, which she gives them the scrolls and asks Morrigan to escort them out of the Wilds. As they leave Aidan tells her "thanks for your assisstance Morrigan, lovely to meet you", which she says "what a fine mannered man you are, I like you already". Which Aidan mentions that he was raised to be polite to woman regardless and does not judge til he gets to know them. Morrigan appears in every episode, making her the only companion to appear in every episode I wrote (Alistair as well will appear in all 14 episodes).

Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker and Miranda Lawson) as Leliana Reason- I liked her on CHUCK, Mass Effect 2, I know Yvonne can do a good job on Leliana if HBO made a series of Dragon Age. All she needds to do is dye her hair red, well blood red hair. Besides who doesn't want her to be Leliana if your a fan of CHUCK.

Leliana doesn't appear til Episode 3 of Season 1, she helps the Wardens from causing a riot in the tavern in Lothering. She decides to go with them as the Maker "told" her too. Which Morrigan says to the group "great, so far to defeat an Archdemon and a mad Teyrn are a mannered nobleman, drunk dwarf, a grumpy dwarf, a quiet Elf, a psychopath elf, a Qunari, a whiny boy(Alistair) and NOW a Chantry lunatic. What is next to come an Elf assassin who is a whore whom goes throught both sides". I will mention that Leliana and Morrigan will NOT get along in the HBO version since both are start to fall for the same person. (take a guess on which Warden and wanted to create a bit of drama into it). Leliana appears in 10 of the 14 episodes I wrote.

Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo and Conan the Barbarian) as Sten Reason- Saw him on Conan reboot, which I didn't mind but wished it could have been better. Also saw him on Game of Thrones which he did a good job playing Khal Drogo, the guy is perfect for Sten regardless what you say. If you do not believe me WATCH him on Game of Thrones.

Sten is a Qunari who is in Lothering within a cage to which he could barely stand in. It is said he was found by a farmer family, afterwords he killed them and the children as well. He is soon released after Duran convinced the Grand Cleric to let him into their custody. Sten proved he is a strong warrior, he does not need to eat everyday "like all humans" do. He has an unknown cravings for cookies and cakes, (thought it would be funny to see him mention that). Sten appears in 10 of the 14 episodes I wrote.

Cate Blanchet (Lady Galadriel) as Wynne

Reason- She is a good actress and can easily pull off the role, she was great on Elizabeth, Lord of the Rings, Aviator, Babel. If HBO want a good actress for the role GET Cate Blancet she can play the role with ease.

Wynne is an elder Mage in the Circle who called along with Uldred to aid King Calin at Ostagar to repersent the Circle of Magi. However she did not expect 2 of her former apprentice's to be joining the Grey Wardens. After the battle she returns to the Circle of Magi, but soon discovered Uldred "took over" the Tower by summoning demons, abominations to help him get to become the "ruler" of the Circle. Wynne appears in 11 of the 14 episodes I wrote for Season 1.

Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) as Zeveran Reason- Only saw Allen on Game of Thrones, which again AWESOME show but books are better. He does a good job playing Theon Greyjoy, kinda reminds me of Zeveran. If HBO get a tv rights to Dragon Age, let Alfie Allen as Zeveran.

Zeveran is Antvian Crow Assassin who are said to be the best and MOST expensive Assassins out there but get the job done. Zeveran only appears midway through Season 1, meaning he will only appear in the 7 of the 14 episodes of Season 1.

Ray Stevenson or Mark Addy as Oghren Reason- Ray is a good actor, he was the PERFECT Punisher but was in a the wrong film to be the Punisher. He was perfect for Oghren after seeing him on THOR, he was funny, how he ate, drank, his beard even reminded me of Oghren. If HBO can convince Ray Stevenson to appear in Season 1 as the fan favorite dwarf (like Varric better since he has a crossbow but I'll get to that on the DAO2 cast). Ray IS Oghren all I can say. Reason for Addy- ONLY saw him on Knights Tale and Game of Thrones, from how he played Robert Baratheon. I knew right away Mark can play Oghren as he also perfect for the role. If HBO was given the tv rights to Dragon Age, GET Ray Stevenson or Mark Addy as Oghren.

Oghren is a dwarf from Orzammar who started out as a Commoner then become a great soldier after his wife Branka created something that can prevent 25% of death in Orzammar making her a Paragon (NOT Mass Effect's paragon/renegade options). After Branka started to become obessesed with "The Anvil of the Void", she along with everyone in her house but Oghren left to the Deep Roads to find "The Anvil of the Void". Oghren began asking the Council to go find her but they refused, after that Oghren was best known as "Oghren the drunk, Oghren the sad". Oghren will appear in 8 of the 14 episodes.

Allies to the Grey Wardens

Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) as Arl Eamon of Redcliffe Reason- He is perfect for the role after seeing him on Game of Thrones as Jorah Mormont, also saw him on Kingdom of Heaven which is pretty good movie. He looks the role and is a talented actor, so why not make him be the Arl of Redcliffe.

Arl Eamon is the older brother of Bann teagon and the late Queen Rowan, King Calin's mother, making him Calin's Uncle. He is sick before the series started so he could not go to battle with Calin, like he promised. However it is soon revealled that Eamon's flu is not actually a flu. He also hid something or someone from his sister years ago, and knew she would be ashamed if not embarresed by the outcome.

Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) as Bann Teagon Reason- I cannot find any other actor to play Eamon's much younger brother, Ewan is just perfect for the role. Ewan was a good Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Island, Angels and Demons, great on Trainspotting.

Bann Teagon is the youngest of the 3 sibling, Eamon the eldest, Rowan the middle then Teagon. Teagon stayed in Redcliffe to take care of his brother and Eamon's wife and son, Isolde and Connor. He soon discovers his brother's flu might not be flu. He does not believe Loghain after Loghain said the Grey Wardens betrayed Ferelden and killed Calin but saved the most he can. He knew if that happened Loghain would have did anything to save Calin, he also didn't believe that the Oralisians are planning to retake Ferelden.

Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn and Margaery Tyrell) as Queen Anora Reason- Saw her on The Tudors, which she was good on the show, also saw her on Game of Thrones where she plays Margery Tyrell "wife" of Renly Baratheon. I will not spoil GoT to those who have not read the books or watch the series so do not worry. If she dyed her hair black (Anora has blonde hair in the games but has black hair in my scripts) she can do a great job as Queen Anora.

Queen Anora is the daughter of Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir and the wife of King Calin Therin of Ferelden. Many believe she should rule Ferelden as she is her father's daughter and did all the politics while Calin was around Ferelden. After the battle of Ostagar, waiting for her husbands return, but only saw her father and his army. Claiming the Grey Wardens turned on King Calin, Loghain left the battle to "save" his army from the Orlaision army coming to Ferelden. She does not believe her father and suspects he is hiding something.

Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth) as First Enchanter Irving Reason- He is the only I can think of for the role, he will only appear in 4 episodes.

First Enchanter Irving is well in charge of the Circle of Magi, he plans to turn Jowen into a tranquil (basically a brain dead slave Mage who's magic might be too strong for them or is too weak or usually might be a blood mage). After they discover rumors of him being one, he orders Draven and Neria to spy on him incase he is. They accidently help Jowen escape the Tower of Magi, Knight Commander Gregior wanted Draven and Neria killed or be made tranquil for their crimes. Irving convinced Duncan to recruit Draven and Neria as they were one of the 2 best Mage Apprentice's and quick learners.

Jonathon Ryes Myers (Henry the 8th) as King Calin Therin Reason- Jonathan Rye Meyers was AWESOME on The Tudors, sucked it ended after 4 Seasons but still a good show. I can see him pull off the role of King Calin, just needs to dye his hair blonde then you got Calin. He can do a great job as Calin if HBO made a Dragon Age series.

Calin is the current King of Ferelden, he married Anora who is a few years older then Calin but loved her. It is rumored that Calin cannot get Anora pregnant, so he might leave her after Ostagar to marry the Empress of Orlais. Who promised to aid Ferelden in the Blight, to try redeem her namesake after what her family did to the people of Ferelden. Calin is a skilled soldier and is said he is indeed Maric's son, Calin wields a two handed sword he calls "Slayer" referring to how many darkspawn he will help kill. Sadly however he was killed in the battle of Ostagar after Loghain retreated from the battle (well quit the battle).

Luke Goss (Steve Fox) as Zatherien Reason- Luke looks the role and can pull it off, he will start out as an innocent Dalish Leader who wonders why the Werewolve's are attacking his clan. I know Luke Goss can do a great job on this role even though he will only appear in 2 Episodes. Zatherien is a Leader of a Dalish clan for over 200 years, his clan is suddenly attacked by werewolves.

Lucy Lawless (XENA) as Lady Isolde Reason- She is a good actress, good on Xena, Battlestar Galatica reboot, HATE Spartacus just find it as a high budget porno. Anyways she can pull off this role, even though she will only appear in 2 episodes. Isolde is the wife of Arl Eamon, she is from Orlais, she has a son with Arl named Connor. It is said from Calin that Eamon has a flu so he could not aid his nephew in battle. Isolde loves her husband but is worried that he might not live enough to see their son grow up. More is revealled about her in Episode 4 of my Season 1.

Jeremy Irons (Scar from The Lion King) as Lord Harrowmont Reason- Besides who doesn't want to see Iron's as a dwarf after seeing him on the Borgias. Harrowmont is Duran's father's right hand, believes Duran was innocent for the death of Triam (Duran's older brother) and knew Bhelen had something to do with it since he didn't show emotion over his death. To try prove Duran's innocense he gave him a map that leads to a group of Grey Wardens near the Deep Roads.

John Rye Davies (Gimli) as the voice of Paragon Caridin Reason-Who doesn't want Gimli to voice the Dwarf of Dwarves (meaning the greatest Dwarf of all). Not much is known about Caridin but was given Paragon rank for creating "The Anvil of the Void". Which after his Thaig was ambushed by darkspawn 600 years prior it was said the Anvil was lost. Caradin will only appear in 1 episode.

Stephan Dillane (Stannis Baratheon) as Knight Commander Gregior Reason- He is AWESOME as Stannis Baratheon on Game of Thrones, despite I only saw him in Game of Thrones. He looks the role and will only appear in 3 episodes so it wouldn't hurt. All I can say is he is perfect for the role. Knight Commander Gregior is the Commander of ALL Templars in Ferelden, he hates all those who have magic. He doesn't like Draven and Neria considering them "trouble makers" since he started in Ferelden. After Jowen escaped, Gregior wanted the 2 dead for "helping" Jowen escape. Irving convinced Duncan to recruit the 2 into his Order. Which he thinks is good enough as long they are gone. Gregior will appear in 3 or 4 episodes in the 14 I wrote.

Simon Pegg (Scotty) and Anton Yelchin (Pavel Chekov) as Bodahn and Sandol Reason for both- The two are perfect for the role without a doubt, Pegg looks like Bodhann. Anton Yelchin looks like he can pull the role off, also I would love to hear Yelchin yell out "Enchantment". The 2 are the only ones I can see in these roles. Bodahn use to be a seller in Orzammar but was banished after dwarves believed he hired dwarves to go into the Deep Roads and take items from the dead. Which they banished him for, he has a son named Sandol, well Sandol isn't Bodahn's actual son but raised as his own after he found Sandol left alone in the Deep Roads. It was his luck that Sandol is gifted to "Enchant" weapons and armor and is very proud of his son. Like he says in the game to the Warden "they do not to need to blood to be considered family".

Enemies of The Grey Wardens

Stephen Lang (TERRA NOVA) as Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir Reason- Lang IS Loghain, watch him on AVATAR, Terra Nova, Public Enemies (Johnny Depp one). The guy was made to be Loghain, regardless what you guys say. If you give him a black long wig, silver armor, with a sword and shield BAM you got him as Loghain. Loghain is a hero to Ferelden, him and Maric made a Rebellion after the Orlaisians slaved Ferelden for 80 years. Maric was crowned King, Loghain was given a Teyrn rank making the strongest Teryn in all of Ferelden. Loghain had his daughter Anora marry Maric's only child Calin, to which was a ok marriage. After Maric died, Calin was crowned King, after they find out the Blight had returned. Loghain spent most of the battle of Ostagar arguing with his son in-law. After the Wardens lit the Tower of Ishal, for an unknown reason, Loghain called off his soldiers and demanded a retreat. He "says" the Wardens betrayed Calin and killed him, he survived because he managed to get out in time. Many believe he left Calin for dead as Loghain ALWAYS hated Calin since he was born and thinks Anora should rule by herself. Loghain is the main antagonist of the 14 episodes(Archdemon is but doesn't appear to the last 3 episodes) and appears in 11 of the episodes.

Aidan Gillen (Little Finger) as Arl Rendon Howe Reason- Loved him as "little finger" on Game of Thrones, he was PERFECT for the role of "Little finger". After the end of Season 1, I knew right away he was or should be Arl Howe if a Dragon Age tv series was made.

Arl Rendon Howe is the Arl of Amerathine, dear friends with Bryce Cousland, the 2 planned Howe's daughter Ellisa to be bethroned to Bryce's youngest son Aidan. Howe is considered an honorary Uncle to Fergus and Aidan. When Duncan was looking for a recruit for the Grey Wardens, Howe and Bryce made a Tournament to see who would be Duncan's recruit. Howe made both of his sons compete while Bryce only let Aidan, which Aidan defeated Howe's eldest in combat winning the Tournament. When Howe discovered that Bryce is sending most of his troops to Ostagar early he decided to take his shot to takeover Highever by saying his soldiers are "delayed" til the morning. Howe then brought his soldiers late at night after Fergus and his men left, Howe mortally wounded Bryce, then killed Orina and Oren in cold blood. Which woke up Aidan, Elenor soon woke up in her and Bryce's room, Aidan found out Howe planned it all and wants nothing more then having Howe's head mounted on Highever's door. Howe will appear in 9 episodes of the 14 episodes I wrote, How will reveal why he attacked Highever in Episode 9 and has a "gift" for Aidan.

Arnold Vosloo (Imhotep) as Uldred Reason- I doubt Mark Strong will do the role in a tv series, besides Arnold Vosloo is a good actor. He was awesome as Imothep on the MUMMY Movies 1-2, he was pretty good as Darkman. I thought he was good as Zartan on Rise of Cobra (good action movie, but a GIANT middle finger to the fans). Uldred was at the Battle of Ostagar, he soon retreated, he planned to take over the Circle of Magi. Which the First Enchanter refused him to be in charge, so Uldred called upon some "friends" to convince him otherwise. He will only appear in 2 of the 14 episodes.

Carice Van Houten (Melisandre) as Branka Reason- She was great on Black Death, it's a good to those who have heard of it but didn't see it. She plays a leader of a village the main characters arrive to. She also plays Melisandre on Game of Thrones, which she is ok but she doesn't have enough character development in the show. Anyways she is perfect for this role as she can play a crazy chick. Branka was the wife of Oghren, who became a Paragon after she invented a smokeless engine to decrease 25% deaths of Orzammar. After reading documents of "The Anvil of the Void" she started to become obsessesd with "The Anvil". She soon took her entire house, minus Oghren with her to the Deep Roads. Which is said took place 2 years prior to the story of Dragon Age.

Gerad Butler (King Leonidas) as Kolgrim Reason- Kolgrim was based off Gerad Butler after one of the writers saw Butler on 300. Kolgrim is a insane worshiper who worships a Dragon claiming the Dragon is the reborn Andrastate (Dragon's Age, Joan of Arc). However I will not spoil more of the character as it would give too much. However he will appear in 2 episodes.

Jamie Campell Bower (King Arthur) as Bhelen Aeducan Reason- He was great as King Arthur, but thought it would be cool to see him as a villain. I heard he had a minor role on Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Part 1 or 2. He is good actor and thought he can be great as Bhelen Aeducan and he is 6 years younger then Jonas Armstrong.

Bhelen Aeducan is the youngest of the 3 sons, he is the most likely to get the Throne since his eldest brother Train is power hungry, his big brother Duran was loved by all. To make sure he gets the throne he tells Duran, that Trian plans to kill him during the Deep Roads since Duran was chosen to be the next King of Orzammar. However things got complicated as Duran didn't believe his little brother. To make it easier for him, Bhelen killed Trian personally, bribing one of Duran's guards to blame Duran. Bhlelen's plan was going as he planned. However after Duran was framed for Trians death, their father became ill, but it was Bhelen's doing as he poisoned his father after he found out Bhelen killed Trian the blamed it on Duran. Lord Harrowmont was chosen to be his sucessor after he dies but he told Harrowmont, Bhelen did all of it and make sure he DOESN'T get the throne.

Minor roles or cameos

Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman) as Flemeth

Reason- WATCH Stardust then you know why I cast Michelle Pfeiffer as Flemeth and she only appears in 4 episodes, 1 minor, 2 regular then the last as a cameo. Rumors believe that their is "The Witch" of the Korcari Wilds, many believe of Flemeth a powerful witch who births many daughters but no one knows what happens to them. Many believe she takes her daughters bodies as her own so she would not age. Others believe she isn't even human but an Abomination, she has "1" daughter named Morrigan who joins the Grey Wardens to help them defeat the Blight.

Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) as Gorim Reason- He looks the role and sure can pull it off, he was AWESOME on SUPERNATURAL (will not spoil to those who watch the show). He is sure funny when he can be and can pull of this role. Gorim is a Knight to Duran Aeducan but also his best friend and a big brother figure to Duran who claims Gorim is a better brother then Trian will ever be. He and Duran were framed for Train's death, Gorim was banished from Orzammar and decided to get into family business by selling weaponary in Denerim.

Liam McIntyre (Spartacus) as Fergus Cousland Reason- Only saw him on Spartacus Vengence which my cousin told me it is a good show, but I think it is basically a violent high budget porno. BUT Liam seems to do a great job replacing Andy Whifield (RIP). He will only appear in 3 episodes, 1 LONG flashback and 1 cameo and the other appearance I will not spoil in my script. Fergus Cousland is the first born son of Bryce and Elenor Cousland, he is the usual first born son trained soldier and first in line to be Teyrn. Fergus had a political marriage to a Antivan Princess named Orina who gave birth to their son Oren. Which Fergus' brother Aidan spent training the boy and became a second father to his nephew. On his way to Ostagar he didn't know his "Uncle" Howe took over Highever killing his wife, son and parents but his little brother is still alive seeking revenge on Howe.

Last but not least, Sean Bean (Eddard Stark) & Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) as Bryce & Elenor Cousland Reasons for Sean Bean- Bean is an AWESOME actor, give him a good script then BAM, he will NAIL the role. Loved him on Goldeneye, Lord of the Rings, the Hitcher (not good as a movie but Bean was awesome in it). He was even more awesome as he played Eddard Stark on Game of Thrones Season 1. Bean's character appears in 3 episodes in my 14 episode script, in 2 flashbacks and the 3rd I am hiding til I publish Episode 5 on the site.

Reasons for Michelle Fairley- Like most, I only saw her on Game of Thrones, which she does a great performance as Catelyn Stark I did not like the character as much in the books, but how Michelle plays her makes me like her a bit more. Besides her and Sean Bean work great together as they did on Game of Thrones. Michelle's character appears in 4 episodes of the 14 I wrote, 3 flashbacks and I am hiding the 4th appearance til I publish Episode 6. Plus the 2 would work well with Richard Madden as both Bean and Fairley play Richard Madden's parents on Game of Thrones.

Bryce and Elenor Cousland ruled Highever for nearly 27 years they have a happy marriage, their eldest son Fergus married Antivan Princess Orina. Their grandson Oren is 13 years younger then Bryce and Elenor's youngest child Aidan. While they discover the darkspawn have returned after 400 years, Bryce and Elenor announced a Tournament along with family friend Arl Rendon Howe helped the Tournament.To which the winner would be the recruit for Duncan, Warden Commander of Ferelden. Which was won by Aidan their youngest. King Calin orders, both Highever and Amerathine for their soldiers. Bryce sends Fergus and 75% of the Highever soldiers to leave that evening, Bryce and Howe will march in the morning like "old times". However Howe took his chance to takeover Highever, he mortally wounds Bryce, Elenor and Aidan manage to find the wounded Bryce. Duncan told Bryce, he could save Aidan and Elenor but Aidan MUST become a Grey Warden. Which he accepts, Elenor stayed behind to give Duncan and Aidan time to escape. As their fates are unknown, Aidan believes them both to be dead.


Thanks for reading, hope you guys like it, I am currently finishing the 14 episodes for Season 1 as they need to be edit and some rewrites.

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