(NOTE: Things highlighted in BOLD is particularly important, things in brackets [ ] are rough guesses of the answer, i romanced her a few hours ago, so i kinda forgot some of the dialogue sorry, however it's basically it.)

I've realised ALOT of people have trouble with Romancing Leliana. Or maybe I've been reading dead posts on the Forums, anyway, here is my guide to helping people do it.

-Firstly the easiest way is to get her approval to 100, to make sure it's at 100, compare it to your dog, Dog's one should always be at 100, or gift her Ale and see if it increases or not, since you can get infinite amounts of ale.


-Then, (pauses and changes song on ipod) you want to break up with her, what you want to say is

Let's talk -> About us -> It's not going to work -> It's me not you -> [Im sorry, i dont have one] she should disapprove -26.

-Leave the camp and travel somewhere eg (between Denerim and the Forests). When you reach the destination, go back to Party camp and talk to her

Let's talk -> [Spies in Orlais] -> any response, stick with the top two responses, as long as you dont go off topic or upset her, you should be fine.

-Again leave the camp and travel somewhere this time from the forests back to Denerim, and re-enter camp once you reach Denerim. Leliana should auto-engage in conversation and tell you that " I lied " about why she travelled to Ferelden, right now, any option you choose will be fine, as long as you act as your interested and again, stick with the top two responses to be safe.

-Leave the camp and travel back to the forests. Before you reach the forests however, you should be ambushed by several assassin's who you guess it, worked for (spoilerz). After you defeat all of them, an archer should reveal how to find Leliana's patron, who turns out to be in Denerim! So, you know the drill, travel to denerim and seek her out. Once you're at Denerim, head forward and the first house on the right should be the hideout for Leliana's ex-Girlfriend. Defeat her, she's quite tricky as she teleports away a lot and tries to make a run for it once her health is low, so be careful if you're playing on nightmare.

Once you're done, search the house for Marjolaine's chest, containing a very well crafted bow for Leliana and a chance to get Chevalier's Armor.


-Now, since you've done the main requirement, you will need to raise her approval to 100! And if you've given all her favorite gifts to her {see foot note} or you don't know what gifts she likes {see foot foot note}, otherwise, continue reading.

Once her approval is at 100, basically avoid talking to her until it is, return to camp and talk to her. Exhaust her conversation options until she mentions that she will go to her warm bedroll. Now's your chance. Go get her tiger! Obviously choose the top option [Would you like me to join you?] and she will reply with a very subtle "yes" and enjoy the cutscene!

{FOOT NOTE #1- No favorite items} Now, here's the tricky-ish part. Save, then gift all your gift items to her, if you searched rubbles and chests, you should have enough to get her from 85-100, once done, quickly have sax with her (yes im aware i spelt sex wrong), then afterwards, reload the save straight after you get the achievement/trophy and if you're reading this guide because you just love her, then continue the game doing decisions she likes and eventually you should get to 100, then sleep with her. If you dont have enough items, well you're out of luck mate. Or buy the Feast pack DLC.

{FOOT NOTE #2- Dont know her favorite items} scroll down and read the gifts, all the listed gifts will get you at least +6 approval.

Well then, good luck. If you're still unsure about Dialogue go to to check them out.

Have fun!

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