• Abhishek Vaidya

    Patch 1.04 is finally out. List of fixes is given below.

    Download it here. Direct link.

    Dragon Age: Origins 1.04
    General Fixes


    • On the PC, sometimes an achievement image and message would not display properly. This has been fixed.


    • Fixed some authorization issues with downloadable content
    • Blood talents from the Grey Warden Base premium downloadable content now work properly in other modules.
    • Installing new downloadable content no longer leaves the ôOther Campaigns selection grayed-out.


    • Multiple transitions in and out of Fade areas were multiplying the number of visual effects running, which slowed down gameplay. This no longer occurs.
    • Fixed pick-pocketing. Characters were successfully stealing, but not receivi…
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  • Abhishek Vaidya

    These screens were sighted on the GameTrailers forums.

    Click Here for the Original post on GameTrailers Forum.

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  • Abhishek Vaidya

    The German magazine GameStar has released two more screen-shots for Dragon Age II and slightly more information about the game.

    Key Points

    • The story of DA2 starts at the time of the darkspawn attack on Ferelden.
    • Flemeth will appear
    • Mages will have slow-motion finishing moves.
    • Mages have been given more flexibility in battle
    • There is significant difference in different classes as they engage in combat. This likely refers to more difference in fighting styles between warriors and rogues.

    Click here for the full story in German.

    Click here for a version translated into English by Google Translate.

    Please be aware that Google Translate is not always entirely accurate and all information based on these translations should be taken with a grain of salt.


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