Firstly, I don't want to create any sort of definitive theory, I'd much rather point out some things that have made me, and will hopefully make any reader, think about. They can make a theory for themselves. Although I will pose a few theories about some things Dragon Age here.

So having rewatched the new trailer repeatedly, I have concluded that the voice over was done specifically to throw us off, I do recall several moments where demons have compared themselves to a god, and the number of voices makes me believe that none of them were the Elder One.

After reading a few comments on the enemy trailer, about the Elder One being an Old God, I gathered that quite a few people believe this. Personally I dislike the idea of having to fight an old god as the "final" boss. I understand that Bioware have taken a large amount of inspiration from Skyrim, especially in terms of the open world-y-ness, but the dragon we see in this trailer is a wee bit alduin-ish. And unlike I first thought, it was not glowing red because it had been "infected" by red lyrium. And so, unless we discover that the old gods have incredible power compared to an ordinary dragon, or even an Archdemon, the final battle may well end up simply being a repeat of the Archdemon battle from Origins, which would be a bit tacky and lazy coming from Bioware after DA2. So with that in mind, I thought I would air my ideas on the Elder One. I will probably contradict myself at some point.


The black(?) dragon from the "Enemy of Thedas" trailer, not glowing red with lyrium like I first thought.

Red Lyrium, in particular it's sudden (re)appearance in large amounts

I do believe that the Elder One will be undeniably linked to the red lyrium that is surfacing in Thedas now. It may well be that red lyrium is simply a new addition and Bioware wanted to add it in but did not think of it as early as Origins. However, the large role it played in DA2, and some of the writers claiming that the story for inquisition has been in development since Origins, make me believe it is important. What I gather is there is no record of it pre-expedition in DA2, even in the novels it has not been mentioned. So from this, the sudden resurgence in its presence in Thedas must be the result of something, yes? It could be the opening of the primeval thaig, it could be that the Elder One returning is the cause, hell it could be any number of things.

What I find remarkable is that red lyrium is referred to as capable of "singing" and this song drives the holder/consumer to make others hear it. Sound like a familiar drive? What about justice and his lyrium ring in Awakening? What about the darkspawn hearing the song, described as horrifyingly beautiful, that all darkspawn hear which drives their search for the old gods. What about demons having the drive to get more demons across the veil? This similarity can't simply be a mistake. I think that all the flashy dragons, mages, and various other reappearing characters in the trailer is misdirection.

We know from the new trailer that Hawke returns, just before the giant crab appears, but why does Hawke return? Is it for the probable reason we all think, that he had influence over mages/templars and could help end the war? Or is it because he has experience with the power of Red lyrium? Also, I know that Red lyrium can be crafted into a rune in DA2, but I think this is actually a game gimmick, much like blue lyrium was, and we heard stories of lyrium addiction but were never able to experience its effects. Well, at least I never did. Blue lyrium allows many things, a mage to enter the fade, temporary magic-like abilities (Templars), and replenishment of mana. What power does Red lyrium hold?

Red lyrium even seems to be appearing in the fade now too, as you can see (possibly) with the picture above. My first thought upon seeing this dragon was that it had been "infected" by the red lyrium, then I rewatched the trailer and found the red moves like it is just a reflection/shine, and the dragon appears more blackish. If it is indeed appearing in the fade now, the real question is: why after extensive searching of the fade for thousands of years, by the magisters and other fade researchers, has it only just appeared. When we first encounter it in DA2, it is something unknown to our party, and Malcolm Hawke, I gather was quite knowledgeable of all things magic, so why is Hawke knowledge-less of Red Lyrium.

It’s something Bioware need to develop on in Inquisition, or World of Thedas, at the very least. I really doubt that Red lyrium is just another metal like blue lyrium. Especially since Meredith’s possession of the idol/sword resulted in the catalyst of the mage-templar war. Act 3 of DA2. I think that’s a really clever method of manipulation, pulling the strings through an object that is overlooked by many.

Why I ruled out an “original” Old God as the Elder One

I haven’t ruled out an Old God being the Elder One, what I dislike about them is that they have the title God and are heavily featured in the religious mythology of Thedas. But, here I will give my opinion on the Old Gods being the Elder One. First though, the chant of Light:

"Those who had been cast down, the demons who would be gods, began to whisper to men from their tombs within the earth. And the men of Tevinter heard and raised altars to the pretender-gods once more, and in return were given, in hushed whispers, the secrets of darkest magic."

Before, I go on, does the “To the pretender-gods once more” strike out at anyone? Hit the comments if it does. This tells me, that it isn’t the first time we have worshipped false gods.

Now, this extract of the chant of light specifically refers to the old gods as demons, it may be that they are not actually “Demons” as in Fade creatures, but more “demons” as in evil. Yet, while they may appear as dragons, I actually believe an old god is simply a demon. Well, not simply. In the fade spirits and demons can take whatever form they want, which means they could appear as dragons there. In Thedas however, they would have to possess a dragon to appear as a dragon, unless they are like Flemeth or incredibly powerful. While a possessed dragon may sound absurd, is it implausible? I mean, demons and spirits can possess virtually anything: trees, corpses, any of the races present in Thedas. Why would a powerful demon not be able to possess a dragon, even if it is just a dragon corpse, this much would explain why they look different to other dragons, like abominations looking different to humans and Sylvans different to normal trees.

Nevertheless, I ruled out the dragon from the end of the trailer/Old God being the elder one (for me at least, a new image has surfaced which has changed my opinion slightly). This is because throughout the past two games I have had difficulty believing that the Old god dragon form is in fact, without a shadow of doubt, a god. Sentient? Yes. Desire to be worshipped like a god? Of course, the high dragon from origins was proof enough of that. And I know that the old gods are said to take on the form of a dragon in Thedas, but this does not definitively prove they are not simply very sentient dragons, neither do we have proof that an archdemon is not simply a dragon. So Old God = Elder One is a disappointing revelation for me. On the other hand, dragons being controlled, and made to be perceived as old gods, purely for the purpose of being a scapegoat is something I would enjoy.

I believe that the Old gods are possessed dragons, who much like Ander’s did with Justice, merged to form one being/soul/essence or whatever. And so, since many Demons personify mortal emotions and virtues, we simply have to look at each dragon:

Dumat = Silence

Zazikel = Chaos

Toth = Fire

Andoral = Slaves

Urthemiel = Beauty

Razikale = Mystery

Lusacan = Night

Fair enough, these aren’t clear cut Human emotions/virtues. But have a closer look at this, associate each with a possible demon/spirit (ones that we know exist, or ones that may exist). Do you get the same as me, and is the idea not a plausible one?

Silence = Sloth

Chaos = Fear/Anger

Fire = Rage

Slaves = Pride/Sloth

Beauty = Pride/Desire

Mystery = Curiosity (Only thing I could think of here)

Night = Fear

It's a really simplistic idea, I know, but still, it is plausible.

Why not use a demon which has been feeding off of the world since it began. What was the first thing every being would feel? For most it would be Fear. The oldest and possibly purest human emotion. And what do we fear the most? What fear haunts the minds of almost every child? The fear of the dark. I can make the stretch and associate each “dragon of” title with fear, so I am a bit more confident on that.

So, IF an old god is an enemy, or even the Elder One, it will be Lusacan, the dragon of night. Not Razikale like others believe. The Elder One, while the name sounds mysterious, that is not valid enough proof to imply that it is Razikale. But in all seriousness, I would much prefer it not be an Old God that we know of. So, preferably a “new” Old God.

Now allow me to reveal the real reason why I don’t want the Elder One to be an Old God. If it is an Old God, why doesn’t the inquisition just fire a shed load of darkspawn at it, thus the Old God becomes an Archdemon and a new blight occurs, which could be easily ended given that the inquisition has a Grey Warden in its ranks. Sorry to Blackwall fans, but I would sacrifice him to end another blight. I understand he is close to his calling as well so, he would seem a more sensible sacrifice.

Another thing I would like to point out is the trivia on the Old Gods, whether this is true or not, “The Grey Wardens know the locations of the prisons of each of the Old Gods; however, they are deep underground and cannot easily be accessed by the Wardens without cutting through thousands of darkspawn.” This screams at me, even if the breach allows an Old God to wake up, uncorrupted, how does it escape this horde of darkspawn without becoming corrupted? And since darkspawn seek the song of the old gods, won’t they simply follow it continuing to try and “touch” the source of the song? I predict a plot hole.

Corypheus, is he the Elder One?

Next up, Corypheus and the other Magisters. Firstly, I refuse to believe bioware would be daft enough to make the enemy in a DLC the main antagonist of the sequel. While I have no doubt Corypheus will appear, and maybe even other magisters, their role will be something to do with the wardens. I'd even go as far as to speculate that he is being manipulated. Secondly, I believe Corypheus must be involved with forwarding the plot. And I believe this because I believe his knowledge of how the magisters did the deed that corrupted them will be of paramount importance. I don’t think we can call him the elder one, as the doppelganger says that the elder one still comes. Thus, as Corypheus is free and already here, he doesn’t “still come”. No, I believe the Elder One comes from the Fade. And the breach is nothing more than a demon Invasion, meant to wipe out the world. I mean come on, demons are incredibly envious of mankind being favoured by the maker. It makes sense that they would one day invade, or try to invade en masse. This demon invasion is also mimicry of the magister’s feat of physically entering the Fade. At least I think it is...

What’s left now then?

So, aside from it being the maker, which would be completely ridiculous, there aren't many already encountered options left. It has to be a denizen of Thedas, or one of the fade. My belief is actually that there is a cohort of demons working with this Elder One, who is most likely another much more powerful demon. David Gaider has stated that there are other types of demons we have yet to see, as well as there being some form of hierarchy in terms of power. I am quite interested in the Fear and Terror demons that have emerged. With all the chaos going on, they have plenty to feed off of. Possibly more than the other types of demons once the breach appears.

So, while I may have ruled out an Old God being the Elder One, I am not completely ruling it out. Considering I hypothesize that Old Gods are possessed dragons, with the sudden reappearance of Dragons in Thedas, it’s likely that a powerful fade creature has possessed a new dragon. Thus becoming a new “Old God”. But not the Old Gods we know. Now, you may be thinking about what I said earlier about “firing a shed load of darkspawn at the dragon”, why don’t we do that? We don’t do that because this Elder One has grand knowledge of the taint, and is capable of resisting its effects. Imagine him having been vaccinated against a disease, thus he is immune.

This leads on to the reason why the breach is occurring now, and not sooner. It takes time to study a disease and create a vaccine. I believe that this being achieved his goals shortly after the end of the fifth blight. My reason for believing this is the Architect’s mysterious origin. Clearly, something had influence on this, and I do not think it was Flemeth. But it is also the fact that he tried the joining on the Old God, if the Elder One is like an old god, then it would know the risks of becoming corrupted and try anything to find a way around this.

Quick tangent on the reproduction of spirits and demons

So, lets say the Elder One is an ancient demon, jealous of the reverence that this maker gets. I’m leaning towards this idea about the origins of spirits and demons. It’s never been clarified on whether new spirits/demons are born or made. So, what if there was originally one, this one became two, the two became four, etc, etc. The reason for the mitosis-style reproduction is that fade creatures feed off of emotions, or something like that. The maker could simply have been the first who then split into a contrasting two. This split continues until we have the old gods and the remnants of the first. Thus we have seven demons turning on the original, as depicted in the chant of light. This idea also fits with elven pantheon, their gods do claim that they aren’t creators.

Then from this, the one left responsible for banishing the seven, restarts the cycle. Only this time round, humans have appeared and begun waging war with the elves. Thus, the fade creatures are more focused on feeding off of, and observing, the conflict. This is when demons and spirits become the two “factions” of the fade, rather than just one constantly splitting to create more. The darker elements of the human psyche create demons, while the lighter create spirits. And there are also those which are grey, hence Imshael referring to himself as a spirit of choice.

None of this I expect to be revealed at any point in Inquisition. But, I do expect this Elder one to be a darker spirit, much like how justice became vengeance. I actually think it would be better to have a larger number of fade creatures around at the time of Old gods’ birth. That way, the Elder one could be a piece of one of them, who then turned into a bad guy.

Back on topic, this Elder One turns bad because of the centuries of conflict in the world. And having seen the Old Gods take on the form of dragons, be revered, and then possess dragons in Thedas, the Elder One does the same. Knowing that the effect it has will be on a similar level. Thus, we get an Old God with no known name, being revered by Dragon Cults and being known as a God. This idea of choosing a form which will be revered leads me on to the next section.

The Glowing Figure, and the breach

I have read through the chant of light, and there are several instances of it saying “Hope” and “Fear”. With that, I believe the glowing figure to be a spirit of hope, giving the inquisitor the power to close the breach and rally those around him/her. The inquisitor will become a symbol of hope. And since Bioware have revealed what Fear and Terror demons look like, it is safe to assume that they will also be playing a major role in the game, as an enemy.

"Make men. Immutable, as the substance of the earth, With souls made of dream and idea, hope and fear"

Suppose it is a spirit of hope, what better way is there to dispense hope than to embody a notable religious figure (the Headwear) who has already given hope to much of the world. Hence the Inquisitor being known as the herald of Andraste, a title that would clearly carry a large degree of instilling hope in people. I hypothesize that the Inquisitor was chosen for a quality they have buried in them, Perseverance and Dedication (these are things I got from the Origin stories). The spirit of Hope sees this, breaks through the veil, likely using the same power that causes the breach, and saves the Inquisitor. Its reasoning for doing this is it knows what is coming, it knows how it will happen, and it wants to stop it, or at the very least throw a wrench in the Elder Ones plans.

Now, this wasn’t the only thing that struck out at me. There was also this line:

"Above them, a river of Light"

This immediately made me think about how the magisters got into the Fade. What if the breach is the same thing that occurred, allowing the magisters into the fade, and into the Golden City (if it was indeed golden). Maybe, they were responsible for “exploding” the world into the fade, and in inquisition, it is the other way around. The fade “exploding” into the world. Of course I have no other basis for this, with the exception of the trailers line about “raining demons”, and no proof that’s what the magisters did. However we are told that demons have no ambition:

“The spirits who dwell there, however, can, and as the Chantry teaches us, the great flaw of the spirits is that they have neither imagination nor ambition. They create what they see through their sleeping visitors, building elaborate copies of our cities, people, and events, which, like the reflections in a mirror, ultimately lack context or life of their own. Even the most powerful demons merely plagiarize the worst thoughts and fears of mortals, and build their realms with no other ambition than to taste life."

All the denizens of the fade do is imitate. They copy the world based on what they see through dreamers, so is it too difficult to believe that at least one demon saw what the magister’s did, and chose to imitate the process to allow a mass demon invasion of the fade. We have codex entries, and our experience in Origins with the Broken Circle, which state demons will seek to get more demons across the veil and into the real world. So, logically, all demons want to invade the real world. Hence, the breach.

The Elder One, what are his intentions?

To start here, I would like to repeat what Morrigan tells us in the first Inquisition trailer:

“I have seen more of this war than you can imagine. None shall be untouched by the fires above. Faith lies in Ashes. Our fragile alliances crumble to dust. As this world is torn asunder. Darkness closes in. Will you stand against it or lead this world to its bitter end?”

This points out a few things to me. There is the fires above comment, taken literally she could be talking about the dragons, or the breach raining down destruction in the form of demons. The lies in ashes comment is clearly referencing the explosion at the Andraste’s temple. Fragile alliances, to me, references the temporary truce between mages and Templars and the talks being held at the temple of sacred ashes. The world being torn asunder, mages vs Templars. Darkness closing in, tells me that this is the Elder One. We also have the fact that Morrigan says she’s seen more of the war than anyone could imagine. This screams out to me, that she’s talking of the mage/Templar war and thus this indicates that Flemeth has been involved in its planning. Or there is a war going on between Flemeth and this Elder One. Or it’s something else entirely. Whatever that war is, I am eager to find out.

We also hear the same phrase repeated. The darkness. I believe this darkness to be the fade, and it’s more malicious residents. We also hear reference to the abyss and the shadow, both of these can be associated with darkness (and most often are), and I believe the wiki even states the fade as being a place of eternal night, despite it having a sun of sorts there.

“In its raw form the Fade is a twisted, frightening world of dark rock and raw lyrium veins where it is always night.”

This also fits with the statue’s comments: “The prison is breached, I see the encroaching darkness”. Given how the World of Thedas describes the fade, and that she calms after the fade tears are closed. To me, this indicates she is immediately referencing the fade bleeding into the world. However, “The shadow will consume all” makes me think that this part, and this part alone, is a prophecy of sorts directly speaking about the Elder One.

The next prophecy we have is Sandal’s, "One day the magic will come back, all of it. Everyone will be just like they were. The shadows will part, and the skies will open wide. When he rises everyone will see."

Now, I’m not too keen to take this literally as we all know that Sandal suffers from some mental difficulties. I have no doubt that he was talking sense, but it is the order of it that bothers me. For shadows to part, the light must return. What If we take the prophecy in reverse?

“When he rises everyone will see. The skies will open wide, and the shadows will part. Then the magic will come back, all of it.” – Fair enough, this isn't a complete reverse of the wording.

This makes better sense to me. “He” is the Elder One, his “rising” is tied to the breach, or “the skies parting”. With the breach comes the parting of the shadows, since the breach is open, the daylight breaks the shadow. (I mean no offence by indicating I don’t believe Sandal for the obvious reasons, neither did I mean to be rude when saying he has mental difficulties)

Another thing we find is that Sandal can see Flemeth, although this is not confirmed. Which to me is also very interesting. Morrigan talks of change. This I would like to take literally. The reason being that I can see that by the end of DA:I, our actions have had a profound effect on the chantry’s shackles around mages. Hence, the “setting free” comment. No proof or evidence, just my hunch on that there.

So with the preliminary tidbits out of the way, I will reveal my ideas on the Elder Ones plans. I would like to again, reiterate, that this is only an idea, I don’t feel it can be called a theory as it has an incredibly loose basis. Alexius, Dorian's mentor, a magister, and an apparent member of the Venatori. The wiki states these things about him and the Venatori:

He mentions that the Elder One is coming but appears anxious about it rather than welcoming it.

"The Elder One comes for me, for you. For us all..."

The Venatori revere a malevolent entity referred to as the Elder One who, according to Alexius, will destroy everything.

This tells me that the Venatori, or at least Alexius, are not devoutly loyal to it. Thus, I believe it to not be an old god, as the Venatori supposedly have ties to Tevinter, and they still revere the Old Gods in some respect. It also tells me that the Elder one desires only to destroy. Thus, it is either a wronged spirit/demon who enjoyed watching the world only to be disgusted and transformed by the atrocities of the Mage/Templar conflict, or a large number of things that came before it,(Much like Anders’ anger transformed Justice), or it is something more complicated than that. If my hunch on red lyrium having a strong involvement, the Elder One could be the being that the Idol from DA2 was made to represent/honor.

Now, with the breach, I believe that it is tearing apart the world, and that parts of the fade are falling through. Hence the confusion I have as to whether the dragon fight occurs in the fade or not, I am beginning to think it is both. The breach is in fact a bridge of sorts between the two realms. This allows the creatures of the fade to wipe out the world, why? So that, just like what the elven pantheon teaches about their gods, the remaining spirits demons can recreate the world. I should also say that I believe that the Elder One is assisted by an ancient Arlathan elf, furious at what the world has become, so he turns to the fade for assistance. Thus, the knowledge gained from the merging would give the spirit/demon the idea of recreation and also the ambition. This Arlathan elf is still in Uthenera, standing side by side with the Elder One orchestrating the chaos, while the Elder One wreaks havoc by possessing a dragon, and then when the elf awakens. Or rises… He will become host to the Elder One willingly, and together they will father a new world (Although, this could be wrong, it could be that they merged in the fade and the elf has no body to return to). At least that is if the inquisitor doesn’t stop it.


The Breach, with fade islands suspended in midair.

Now, on to the “bridge” idea, the only reason I think is because we apparently get to tame a dragon, and the old god/dragon fight appears to happen in both fade and Thedas. Assuming a bridge is forming, we would have fade islands floating in Thedas, hence the need for a dragon. As griffons are extinct, there are no other flying creatures capable of carrying us to the skies that we know of anyway. Also, if the Elder One sits perched upon these fade islands stuck in the bridge, it does prevent the darkspawn getting access. This also leaves room for it to be Lusacan or Razikale.

I will say that in the "Enemy of Thedas" trailer it appears as though a castle is being ripped out of the ground. Possibly Redcliffe castle. And maybe an Old God is buried beneath it? Aren't we told the legend of Calenhad in the comics, or somewhere. The Qunari interpretation, which hints at a possible witch having involvement, reads like so:

"The witch led him to a cave where a Great dragon lay dying. Calenhad used his dagger on the ancient creature and drank some of its blood"

We're told the Great dragon was dying, possibly near Lake Calenhad, or Redcliffe castle. What if it wasn't dying, but actually about to "ascend" to Old God status. That way, there's an Old God-like dragon near where the breach rips up the castle, but Razikale could also be under Lake Calenhad, as Tevinter's believed the lake to be blessed by him which is why they built the tower. Sorry, gone off topic again.

Now, if we are to believe the leaked achievement list, we tame a dragon, defeat Corypheus, and visit the hall of the ancients to discover the secrets of Mythal. Therefore it is implied that the ancient elves, or at least their pantheon, are involved in the story. Corypheus is involved in the story, possibly because of his knowledge involving a breach into the fade. What if, Mythal’s secret is the power to quell a breach or a large demon invasion, this is plausible since Elger’nan cast the sun out of the sky and only relented after being calmed by Mythal. Mythal is the protector after all, she should hold secrets about protection.

So, while I do not want any religion to be confirmed, especially since they imitate real world religions, –elven pantheon=greek gods/titans, chantry=Christianity, Qun=Self-help book- I am not against the confirming certain ideas or stories from them. However, if they do focus on one I feel they must also focus on another, this way doubt is still cast. Tangent over.

This way, when the world is recreated, the magic will return and everyone will be like they were. As in, the elves will be reborn and all have magic like they used to. Humans, Dwarves and the Qunari/Kossith will cease to exist. Everything will return to the way it was before the fall of Arlathan. Sketchy theory I know. I don't actually believe this last bit, I just think it would be interesting to see an Arlathan elf involved in wreaking some havoc on the world for what has become of his people.

Summing Up my Ideas

Red Lyrium, a tool of the elder one, but how will it affect Thedas? Could the Elder One be linked to the Lyrium Idol we saw in the Primeval Thaig? Could red lyrium be the puppet master’s strings?

The Elder One, an old and powerful demon from the days when the Old Gods were cast out. I believe there were originally two factions of fade denizens: those who wanted to be in Thedas forever, worshipped as gods after enslaving everyone; and those who simply wanted to guide the lives of mortals by influencing them in their visits to the fade.

The Elder One was amongst the latter faction, but after the Mage/Templar war breaks out –amongst other things- it decides that things have gone too far, and action must be taken. Aiding him is an ancient Arlathan elf (do say in the comments if an Arlathan elf has been dismissed as having any involvement in inquisition), who has seen the enslavement and the degredation of their people whilst in a ‘failed’ Uthenera (the sort where the elf’s body dies and their soul is left to wander the fade), having gained extensive knowledge on the Old Gods, the taint, and its source, this elf and the Elder One have worked at concocting a vaccine that would allow them to become like an Old God. Yet immune to the taint. The Elder One has had many moments of turning against the world and the “guides”, as I like to call the other ‘faction’ of fade denizens opposed to the Old Gods. The Fall of Arlathan, The worship of the Old Gods, The enslavement of elven-kind, the blights and the chaos that they cause. The Elder One has wanted to recreate the world, and has planned for it, by giving the Arlathan Elf knowledge far beyond anything we could comprehend. The Elder One also witnessed the magisters break into the black city. I believe it was always black because the Old Gods wanted it that way, or maybe something else did, and so they changed the perception of it to everything in the fade, because they wanted the taint spread and possibly sought the creation of the Archdemons.

So, the Elder One knows how the magister originally broke into the fade, I believe it was a breach like we see inquisition but on a smaller scale. This plants the idea inside his mind, and for centuries he holds on to it. What he lacks is the ambition to recreate such an event, as no mortal seeks the destruction of the entire world, that is until he encounters the Arlathan elf. Grief stricken and angry with the world he sees through the veil, he desires to recreate the world like his gods, apparently, did before him. Their ambition, to return their people to their former glory. This is the ambition the Elder One feeds off, eventually merging together to create this new world god. As we hear in the trailer: “bow before your new god, and live”. The “and live” part suggests the new god is willing to let any knee-benders become slaves to the new order.

The Venetori believe the Elder One seeks only to destroy. And they are comprised of men and women who want nothing more than to see the world burn. They’re probably on some serious drugs, or insane, completely and utterly insane. Or they are secretly abominations working with the Elder One.

Now, Flemeth is another being, much like the Elder One, and after centuries of being merged as demon/spirit with a mortal, the spirit has developed an intelligence with its own ambition. This ambition is something we are yet to see, but it conflicts with the Elder Ones plans, hence the reason why she will appear to help us at some point in Inquisition. I believe it will have something to do with the dragons, as Yavana does say something about Flemeth being involved in the plan to awaken sleeping dragons. Also, Yavana says that the blood of dragons is the lifeblood of Thedas.

Our other helper is the glowing spirit, as old as the Elder One, she discovers his plans and chooses a direct confrontation with a mortal to offer help. Similar to Andraste being helped by the maker in her time of need.

The Elder One desires to destroy most of the world, then “recreate” society and become a god-king. We have been given the power to stop it, we will only be able to stop it, and we won’t be given the chance to side with it, not at the end anyway. And most likely, we will sacrifice ourselves by sealing the big breach. Which is when the spirit of Hope takes possession of our lifeless body and gives a message to the world.

“Change. Change or this cycle will continue.” –Totally a joke, just thought I’d chuck some ME3 in here.

A final word from me, this, so far, is my current idea on Inquisition and the story involved (mostly, the sketchy bits are just an out-of-the-box idea for me). While I have had fun writing this, I hope I am wrong and that Bioware have written an incredible story. One that nobody could have seen coming with all these little strands set up in each game all becoming connected, then *BAM* you get slapped in the face after the bad guy is revealed and he's killed your favorite companion. I seriously can't wait for this game to come out.

However, most of this relies on the Elder One being the big bad... If he's not and he (the elder one) turns out to be Corypheus, then I still stand by this theory/speculation for the actual big bad of Inquisition. Anyway, roll on Inquisition day.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it, and that it got you thinking about things as well. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment and ask, I’ll do my best to respond ASAP in the clearest way possible. Unless I have absolutely no response, in which case I will simply reply with *sobbing sounds*.

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