I am taking a sabbatical from this forum effecting immitigably. I realized after receiving a very enlightening comment from LynMars that I am not fit for speaking, even in a private forum like this.

@rphb: How about you just stop assuming about people's origins, making sweeping generalities about other cultures/countries, and most of all, leave real world politics and opinions of them off a game forum and out of a topic about a fantasy world situation that isn't even political? The more I see you post, the more offensive you get about your apparent self-righteous superiority and need to be more right than anyone else (even about what are really opinions), and bringing a lot of irrelevant crap into threads and irking people. Seriously. (talk) 15:51, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

I have Aspergers Syndrome, Bipolar disorder with severe depression and I am starting to belive that I may also have a special kind of Tourette syndrome. I don’t know if my behavior can be diagnosed as such, I just have a long history of purposefully insulting people.

I’ll like everyone that has been insulted by me write it here. If anyone against all expectation should have anything positive to say you can do that too.

If an administrator find this topic too off topic he is free to delete it.

For know I bid your farewell.

signed: rphb the epitome of a fool

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