About me[edit | edit source]

Along with these folks, I'm an administrator of this wiki, so please do get in touch if you have any questions. I'm a very new admin, though, so please be patient with me!

Out in the real world, I am a dwarven commoner (see picture) who has been a fan of Bioware games since Baldur's Gate back in the day.

Attempted self portrait in DA Character Creator.

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Playing Dragon Age: Origins[edit | edit source]


Sided with the templars in "Broken Circle"Sided with the elves in "Nature of the Beast"Sided with Bhelen in "A Paragon of Her Kind"Destroyed the Anvil of the VoidDefied the Cult of Andraste in "The Urn of Sacred Ashes"Experienced the thrill of romance with AlistairCommanded Alistair to make a great sacrifice in defense of Ferelden

Hurrah! Finally finished a whole playthrough on nightmare, got a city elf all the way through to the end and got the Whirling Dervish and Punisher Achievements.

I'm currently juggling a handful of characters of various origins/classes, trying to see the content I've not seen on previous playthroughs. And take screenshots/check dependencies for this wiki.

My projects[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

Purpose: Overhaul Lore categories and pages in the light of post-release information. NB Getting some way through this project is a pre-requisite for creating hyperlinks from codex entries as part of my Codex project.


  • New Category:Lore tree agreed (see Forum:Lore_Categories) and v1 implemented (still requires tidy up and better explanation of what categories are for on category pages)
  • New structure for Category:Elven Lore articles agreed (see Forum:Elven_Lore_Article_Changes_-_Proposal). Implementation started.
  • Starting to play around with Easy Timeline software and aiming to have demo and proposal for its use on History pages ready to post on the forum in the next couple of weeks.
  • I am aiming to do an overhaul of all other Lore categories similar to that for Elven Lore.

(Note to self: Link for use on city elf page)

Codex[edit | edit source]

Purpose: Ensure codex entry information is complete, accurate, pretty and linked into the remainder of the wiki. NB This project is on hold whilst I get my head around what the lore category will look like: this is so that I know what lore articles will exist, so I can go through the codex entries and add links at the same time as confirming the text (the latter involves copying and pasting from codex data from toolset).


  • Completed tasks:
    • All codex entries now use the new CodexTransformer template.
    • Thanks to Pwr905, all Codex entries now have their own page.
    • All Codex entries have now been categorised using the developed Category:Lore tree.
    • Text for all missing codex entries has now been supplied.
    • Initial tidy up complete, and images added for a number of codex entries.
  • Next step is to validate codex text, add images, sort out formatting and hyperlinks and fine-tune categories.
    • Codex: Characters - Done
    • Obtained correct text of all codex entries from the toolset (thanks Tierrie!)
    • Other sections - done for some entries, but not systematically. This is in progress.
  • Final aim is to include location info for all codex entries. Fortunately, other editors have already started filling this info into the infoboxes.

Front page[edit | edit source]

Purpose: Work with Loleil to add randomly selected featured articles and media to the wiki front page. NB Randomly generated featured media will only be implemented when there is no trailer for outstanding DLC/expansions to display on the front page (or when that trailer has been available long enough to make it just one of a selection of possibly displayed media).


  • Proof of concept complete.
  • Template Template:RandomArticle complete and included on front page.
  • Aim now is to add further potential articles on companions (based on the info available on the Dragon Age BioWare site), and on other lore topics as the category overhaul progresses.
  • Draft Template:RandomMedia created. Currently no rush for completion. Loleil is selecting the best images to use on the front page, and the template will be revisited once this is done.

Templates[edit | edit source]

These are templates I've created for various purposes



Random Content

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

These are links to odd pages I've noticed may need some work and might take a look at as and when I have a moment/don't fancy doing anything else.

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