Yeti magi

  • I live in seattle
  • I was born on November 15

About meEdit

likes to think he has evolved from a pedant of semantics toward someone with some grasp of aesthetics, nuance, clarity, and so on. gamer junkie since picking up a used atari 2600 and/or visiting friends with Apple IIcs and IIes when Ultima III was brand-new; those horizons were expanded when a neighbor initiated him into AD&D in 1984. other turning points: ultimas IV, V, VII and IX; ars magica & vampire: the masquerade in the early '90s; baldur's #*%!ing gate, every step of the way including modding-community gallavanting in '04; spending over 365 days of real time on WoW between january '05 and march '08. (haven't been pulled back in... yet.) currently nesting with the inimitable 5th edition of ArM and dreaming of a DA3 that redeems DA2; recently took up SW:ToR, for better or worse...

My contributionsEdit

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