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About meEdit

Random tidbit: If my Wiki pic is currently one of a custom Hawke...she is based off me. (Though she's prettier)

I suppose you could call me a "new" BioWare fan. I became a fan of them through KoTOR, the Mass Effect Series and finally Dragon Age. I have to play their older games one of these days, and I'm sure I'll love them. However, I like both the new and old BioWare from what I can tell. I also play SW:TOR with a Mirialan Jedi Shadow as my main.

Nothing is as important to me in a game as much as the story, characters and immersion factor. If there's grinding, the combat sucks, the graphics suck, whatever, it doesn't matter to me so long as I have those three aforementioned things, I can deal. I previously have played JRPGs all my life, BioWare is my first entrance into WRPGs.

I'm currently a little obsessed with Fenris from DA2, but I try to keep it under wraps. Before that it was Alistair.

I enjoy fair and open minded debates and discussions here. I also try to do a little editing when I can.

I have done some light games journalism in the past but my biggest dream is to become a game writer. Or more specifically, I wish to move to Austin, Texas one day to work for BioWare as a writer. Xelestial (talk) 16:18, August 10, 2011 (UTC)

My contributionsEdit

Responsible for adding all the Legacy dialogue along with Chantry symbol King Cousland | Talk   AKAElementalist KC. | talk

I also worked on creating and formatting the Hawke/Dialogue page and Mark of the Assassin dialogue page. As you can tell, I love the banter/dialogue in DA2 and work on making sure it's all there and correct.

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